Why Are Vertical Garden Walls Essential in Offices?

vertical garden walls

Why Are Vertical Garden Walls Essential in Offices?

vertical garden walls


Is your office devoid of a vertical garden? Are you of the view that vertical garden walls aren’t a necessity but rather a sign of opulence? The truth is instead of standing for affluence, a vertical garden is one of those investments that yields solid returns and proves beneficial in multiple ways if you do use it effectively. As you familiarise yourself with vertical gardens and their utility, it will not be long before you too feel prompted to install one or two at your workplace.

Below we have given some plausible reasons as to why vertical garden walls are essential in offices today. To get one or more, you just have to find an established vertical garden supplier dealing in living plant wall systems and vertical gardening system in Australia:

1. Filters air


Wouldn’t you be happier if the daily air inside your office was purer and fresher? Instead of following the herd and spending on an air purifier, you can have one or more vertical garden walls in your office that will purify the atmosphere in a much more natural way.

A vertical garden converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. As the level of oxygen rises in the air, you begin to feel healthier. Further, a green wall converts VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into an edible form that plants themselves consume.

2. Improves health & well-being


Some may dismiss a vertical garden as a mere decorative object whereas the truth is it significantly improves our health and well-being, especially if we are in its vicinity on a daily basis. Even kids know how critical greenery is to the continued existence of mankind. And when the same can be found in a place that sees you spending nearly a third of your day, it fills you with more energy, revives your spirit and leaves you feeling content. So, convert one of your office walls into a green wall and you also may enjoy the advantages that we have just discussed.

3. Regulates temperature


As we said earlier, a vertical garden is an asset that offers returns in more ways than one. So, when your office has this thing, it will no doubt do its bit in regulating the temperature. When it is summer, a vertical garden wall sucks up and returns light, thereby letting the indoor atmosphere stay cool and during winters, the same thing provides an extra cover of insulation and traps heat. You will be pleased as punch when you manage to control heat and cold naturally and without incurring any energy costs.

4. Minimises sound


A vertical garden is capable of muffling sound. On an office floor, often there is a cacophony of voices as employees converse with each other. To find respite from it, one actually has to escape into a noiseless cubicle or a conference room.

But when you have a vertical garden wall and a sturdy one at that, the difference is going to be palpable and evident. Living green walls are said to minimise noise 40% more as against a normal front wall. As you erect one or two vertical garden walls in your enclosed office space, you may see that fewer individuals are going out for a call as the general commotion will have been controlled.

5. Promotes brand


A vertical garden wall can also promote your brand for you. Some of its features allow others to have a positive view about your venture. A living green wall lets you ready a more welcoming environment and present yourself as a green entity. So, besides benefitting your health and well-being, it boosts your image as well.

So now you must have understood why installing vertical garden walls in offices is becoming necessary. Vista Concepts is a well-known vertical garden supplier in Australia and as specialists in living plant wall systems, we can easily fulfil your requirement for a vertical gardening system in Australia. No matter your location Australia, Vista Concepts can advise on Green Walls and provide consultation including the best installation method. This includes all our products such as Roof Gardens, Moss Walls, Artificial Garden Walls, and Grass Pavers.

To learn about our credentials, you can visit our gallery and read about our previous projects.

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