Deck up Your Office Space with Moss Wall Art: Working in a Fresh Environment

moss wall art

Deck up Your Office Space with Moss Wall Art: Working in a Fresh Environment

moss wall art


Want to deck up your retail or office space with something unique that can also help you make a style statement? If yes, moss wall art is probably your best bet! Made from sustainably sourced moss, moss wall art in Australia is available in varied colours, sizes and shapes to match your taste and space decor.

Just like vertical gardens (also called green walls), a moss wall is an excellent solution for bringing a piece of nature into your commercial areas without actually occupying any usable floor space. This kind of artwork can be used to either cover an entire wall or create multiple framed art-style pieces of a smaller size.

The best thing about moss wall art is that it is virtually maintenance-free. From mobile wall dividers to unused corners, moss wall art can be an unparalleled solution to spruce your space.

Myriad Moss Varieties to Choose From

The moss that is used to develop moss wall art is handpicked by experts – which is further treated in a sustainable fashion that helps ensure constant growth of moss in the forests it is harvested from. Especially designed for art, the moss used in moss wall art pieces are available in a plethora of textures and colours.

When it comes to moos wall art, there are numerous options to choose from that offer you enough opportunity to create truly bespoke art pieces for your commercial space.

Maintenance and Care of Moss Wall Art

Moss walls neither require pruning nor sunlight. To ensure that your moss wall art looks lively and fresh, dusting as well as misting it with water every once in a while, is suggested. Placing your moss wall art strategically is equally important to extend the life of your moss wall art. Environments with humidity levels between 45% and 65% are considered perfect for the survival and growth of moss.

Besides, make sure you never place moss in direct sunlight as direct exposure to the sun may result in burning and fading. To ensure that your moss wall art remains in optimal state all the time, it is best to opt for refurbishing services from your moss wall supplier in Australia post installation. If maintained properly, a moss wall typically lasts for up to 10 years – or even more!

Benefits of Installing Moss Wall Art

Discussed here some common advantages of installing a moss wall in your office or retail spaces:

  • Brings Beauty & Functionality: Thoughtfully designed spaces showcase a mix of beauty and functionality, developing an atmosphere that evokes a feeling of peace, order and comfort. In addition to furniture placement and selection of colours, art choices and wall décor are equally important, when it is about boosting the overall aesthetic appeal of a commercial space. Moss wall art makes for an extremely versatile option and is a superb way of introducing biophilic design to your space.
  • Improves Air Quality: Just like other plants, moss functions as a natural air purifier, even in the form of an art piece. It can absorb and remove carbon dioxide and dust as well as a number of hazardous pollutants, ultimately transforming them into the plant’s biomass on which moss thrives. Through this natural process, moss produces cleaner and fresher air in retail spaces and offices.
  • Reduces Noise Levels: Similar to other types of plants, moss has the natural ability to absorb high-frequency noises. Installing moss wall art in your office will help lower the levels of unwanted and distracting sounds while helping to boost focus and employee productivity in an otherwise noisy office atmosphere.
  • Establishes Connection to Nature: According to the biophilia hypothesis, exposure to nature is a fundamental need of humans. When you incorporate plants or other natural elements into your space, it helps people, who use that space, to establish a connection to nature. It is for this reason the popularity of biophilic design is constantly increasing around the globe, as it boosts productivity, well-being and productivity for those who regularly use the space.
  • Stabilises Humidity: Moss helps stabilise and maintain normal humidity levels. Moss can absorb moisture from the air when the humidity levels are higher than normal and it can release moisture back into the atmosphere when humidity levels are low.

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Are you recently planning to install moss wall art in your commercial space? Reach out to Vista Concepts – a trusted moss wall supplier in Australia.

Our team of moss wall experts is readily available to transform your “biophilic” idea into reality. Not only do we have expertise in the design and installation of moss wall art, but we also have experience providing professional ongoing maintenance services.

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