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Living Green Walls & Vertical Gardens

A Living Green Wall, or sometimes referred to as an Eco Wall, Green Wall, Vertical Garden Wall or Living Wall is a structure that’s comprised of plant panels in free-standing form or attached to a physical wall. Get in touch for a quote today on Living Green Walls. Vista Concepts is an Australian Supplier of Vertical Garden Systems.

Living Plant walls are used commercially in the following applications

  • Commercial Offices
  • Reception Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Showrooms
  • Retail Fitout
  • Foyers
  • Lift Lobby’s
  • Apartment and Unit Developments
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An urban gardening solution, these days horizontal open spaces are shrinking due to pressure on the land which leaves hardly any scope for greenery.

We are happy to introduce a vertical gardening system in modular form which enables one to expand horizontally as well as vertically without being restricted for want of open space.

You may buy our modular system and install yourself or you can utilise our experience and expertise and have it installed by our professionals.

Correct irrigation with controlled water flow and pressure and proper drainage are essential for a healthy green wall.

We also select the best plant species in consideration of an external or internal application, climate and aspect.

Benefits of Green Walls and Roof Top Gardens

  • Stormwater retention
  • Energy Benefits
  • Aesthetic aspects
  • Noise reduction
  • Air Quality
  • Environmental benefits
  • Commercial benefits
  • Social benefits, Recreational space creation
  • Increased Productivity
  • Rapid healing & recovery in hospitals

What Does Vertical Gardening Involve?

  • Climate
  • Microclimate
  • Design inputs from the designer
  • The orientation of the green wall & shade path
  • Access frequency
  • Maintenance capabilities

What it takes to construct a living plant system into a building

  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Plant Selection
  • Growth Media Engineering
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Safety & Warranty

Understanding site-specific microclimate factors

  • Light intensity, availability and duration
  • Nearly Water
  • Nearby fireplace/chimney
  • The direction of the green wall
  • Sun path and shade direction during different seasons
  • Other structures, trees and other elements that can affect the microclimate
  • Wind Velocity
  • Nearly Industrial establishments causing different types of microclimate
  • Hazards like dust, smoke, fumes, gases and other
  • Water quality
  • Salt Spray

Irrigation, automation and drainage

Scientific and well designed smart water management ensure good control over irrigation and drainage. Therefore avoiding chances of water spillage leading to damage or accidents.

Vista Concepts can help you from start to finish with all construction projects that require Green Living Walls.

We are an Australian wide supplier of Living Green Walls, Vertical Garden Systems, Moss Walls, Artificial Garden Walls, Roof Gardens, Trellis Garden Systems and More.
We work with the architectural, design and construction industries supplying living garden walls.
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