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Tony White Group has over 50 car dealerships in Australia, dealing in over 40 automobile brands. Vista Concepts had the honour of installing a Moss Wall in the new corporate headquarters at Kedron, Brisbane, QLD. This was over 20 meter square of VISTA Moss Wall in the executive suites and lift lobby of the administrative office on the first floor. Melbourne-based Graphos Architects specified our products.

One of the best attributes of moss walls is that no matter what the theme of your interior design is, they will fit in naturally. Giving them a miss is really hard for they are a real treat to the eyes. For the uninitiated, moss walls do not just come in one solid green color and there are more than 20 variants. Moss walls really qualify as a modern work of art that allow you to have that much-needed greenery indoors when you incorporate them in your interior design.

Vista Concepts is a national supplier of upmarket interior designs comprising green walls, moss walls and other combinations, creating unique solutions for commercial establishments. To the southeast of Brisbane is Adelaide and if your venture is based here, you can contact us for your next fit-out project for we are a leading moss wall supplier in Adelaide as well. Besides moss walls, we deal in other similar objects too like living green walls, vertical gardens, artificial garden wall, roof garden etc. As you get in touch with us and share your requirement, we will ensure that you get precisely what you want. Shipment is a complementary service that we will offer to you.

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