Economic Benefits & Impacts of Moss Wall Art in Commercial Ventures

moss wall art

Economic Benefits & Impacts of Moss Wall Art in Commercial Ventures

moss wall art


If moss wall art today is seen in restaurants, retail outlets, airports, hotels, office buildings and more, that is because it has economic benefits and impacts that the owners of these commercial ventures are keen to leverage. Green walls, living or artificial, are all the rage nowadays and moss walls amongst all the alternatives have emerged as the trendiest and one of the cheapest means to jump on to this latest bandwagon. Luckily, a moss wall supplier in Australia can be found easily and you will not have to wait long to see your requirement getting fulfilled.

Below, we have expanded on the cost-effective nature of moss walls that will probably encourage you too to give the thing in question a try:

  • Moss walls gave interior designing the kind of boost it needed, enabling interior designers to give a facelift to any property in a natural way.


  • Because of conservation, stabilisation and right maturation, moss walls succeed in retaining their raw essence at all times. A major USP of a moss wall is that no matter what the design theme is, it will not look out of place. And because moss walls are so eye-catching, one just cannot fail to notice them. Besides, contrary to the general perception, they come in more than 20 forms and not just in one solid green shade.


  • Moss walls let you avail the benefits, which you go seeking in nature. Besides, they are one of those convenient means of interior decoration that requires little maintenance.


  • By putting a moss wall to use effectively, you can convert a dull place or a general passage into a green area. If the subject is plantscaping, moss walls in all probability will find a mention.


  • Moss walls haven’t just proved to be revelation on the design front. In comparison to a living green wall, their installation proves to be 40% cheaper. Also, they are very lightweight.


  • If you feel you will have to mull over at length before adding moss walls to your commercial property, you probably have a wrong notion. Moss walls do not require any soil or substrate and again as opposed to living green walls, they can thrive in dim and shaded places.


  • When it comes to maintenance, examining your moss wall twice a year will suffice during which you can try to spot and fix any damage. The dust that accumulates on any moss wall can be removed with compressed air. And to ensure that they last for a long time, you can enquire about a harmless chemical and put a new coat each year.


  • Once you learn about the useful purposes that moss walls serve, you may become more desirous to use them at the earliest. To begin with, moss walls act as an air filter by altering CO2 and other impurities into biomass, which interestingly moss consumes itself. Moss is given to both releasing and absorbing moisture, thereby not allowing humidity levels to vary sharply. Moss walls have a salutary effect on the body and the mind. The use of a quality moss wall can lead to fewer allergies, less stress and more productivity and creativity. And since moss walls are both bulky and spongy, they can efficiently minimise excessive sound and light.


  • A commercial venture generally is stuffed with artificial objects, making the absence of nature discernible. Interior designers have long sought inspiration from nature and attractive moss walls draw attention like very few. Moss art pieces can easily make their way into a space where installing a living wall is out of the question.


  • When it comes to moss, the natural colour variants do not lack depth and nor are they devoid of energy. Some interior designers make use of these diverse shades to create a powerful visual impact via conflicting patterns. And when used in vertical structures, moss helps in the development of a most striking wall. It depends on designers how they utilise moss for making different designs. You may either be asked to have one solid moss wall or let moss be used in some select areas.




If you are looking for a moss wall supplier in Australia, Vista Concepts is a name you can count on. For when it comes to moss wall art in Australia, we have been tending to clients hailing from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other prominent places of our country. And besides moss walls, we deal in other similar items too such as roof gardens, artificial/living green walls etc.

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