Green Walls: A Vertical Garden Concept for a Peaceful, Natural Setting

green walls

Green Walls: A Vertical Garden Concept for a Peaceful, Natural Setting

green walls


As the world is constantly pushing for ways to create healthier environments, the popularity of green walls is on the rise. Vertical gardening systems in Australia are not just a way to bring a portion of nature to your commercial spaces, but they also highlight the healthy side of greenery. Today, green walls can be seen in many office settings in Australia because of the myriad benefits they offer.

Where Did the Concept Come From?

To be true, a green wall is not quite a new concept. The concept of vertical gardens was laid in 1937 by Stanley Hart White, an American scientist, as per the Landscape Architect’s Network. Further, Patrick Blanc, a French botanist, designed the modern-day green walls that comprised a fully functional hydroponic system.

What are Green Walls?

A green wall is a wall which is covered with actual plants attached to some growing medium. To flourish, a vertical garden wall requires a built-in irrigation system to water the plants on a regular basis. This is because it’s practically impossible to water the plants in a green wall in the conventional manner – using a hose or watering can. Except for a few smaller vertical gardens that make use of real soil, the majority of green wall systems grow on some other types of growing medium, such as a framework of spaces holding the growing medium or mats of coir felt or fibre. The former is perhaps more efficient due to its greater water holding capacity.

The Benefits of a Vertical Garden System

Undoubtedly, green walls are visually extremely attractive and help make a statement in any setting. A vertical garden, regardless of size and type, offers a dramatic look and a natural feel that is nearly impossible with potted plants. The concept of greenery covering the entire wall creates a very unique ambience. The dominance and size of a green wall help evoke the sense of being in a lush meadow. Visitors and employees tend to be more relaxed in an atmosphere that features a green living wall owing to the soothing effect of nature. It offers a breathing space to employees who spend hours indoors, particularly in offices with no windows.

As aesthetically appealing as they appear, vertical garden walls offer some health benefits to commercial and office spaces. Green walls act as a natural air-filtering system which helps create a healthy work environment. Living plants are capable of lowering the levels of gases like carbon dioxide and removing air pollutants like benzene, VOCs, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. Similar to other plants, green walls help control humidity while reducing the amount of dust in the air.

The advantages of living garden walls are not just limited to enhancing the ambience and improving air quality. According to research, natural surroundings can significantly enhance attention and focus in kids with attention deficit disorder. Moreover, gardens are scientifically known to help patients recover faster.

A significant reduction in noise levels within buildings is another key advantage of installing vertical garden systems in Australia. Plants are capable of blocking sounds, so when they are added to a vertical surface, they provide an additional layer which absorbs sound waves. The quieter atmosphere – without the clatter and echoing steps you typically hear in offices – is much more calming that aids in improving focus and attention.

Yet another significant advantage of vertical garden walls is better business for organisations and increased resale value of properties. A number of studies have shown that plants in and around a property can increase the real estate value by as much as 20%. So, even if your building lacks a captivating outdoor area, covering the building with greenery may help enhance its value.

Moreover, greenery in malls, restaurants, shops and other types of retail spaces are known to enhance foot traffic. Similarly, studies suggest that hotels that incorporate plants and gardens into their buildings observe higher occupancy rates. These studies simply substantiate that vertical gardening systems walls have a plethora of beneficial effects on the wellbeing of everyone visiting the space.

For businesses, living green walls in Australia may also save energy costs. A wall featuring living plants can cool down the air within the building during summer. This effect is the result of a process, known as evapotranspiration, in which moisture gets transferred to the atmosphere. Evaporation occurs when water vapour leaves the surface of soil or plants. Transpiration, on the other hand, occurs when the water travels from the plant’s roots through its vascular system. During the winter months, the plants in vertical gardens help insulate the space, which cuts down heating costs.

Exterior Green Walls

Green walls on the exterior can phenomenally enhance the visual appeal of a building. In an urban setting, which is typically characterised by bricks, stones, metal and concrete, the idea of a vertical structure covered with greenery is a sight to behold. Furthermore, such appealing additions are quite an effective way to improve city areas, which not only makes urban life easier but healthier too.

When it is about the exterior of a building, green walls have numerous advantages. Installing a vertical gardening system on the sides of a building can cool the surrounding area and lower noise levels. Research suggests that exterior vertical gardens can lower the wall temperature by up to 50° F. On the outside, it can keep the adjacent streets cooler and, on the inside, it lowers energy bills.

Exterior green walls have the potential to lower air pollution as depicted by a study at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Skyscrapers along either side of a street create a corridor that is called “street canyon.” The scientific modelling by German researchers revealed that green walls installed in such a zone can trap a considerable amount of particulates and nitrogen dioxide gas.

Final Words

Regardless of the place of installation, green walls are an efficient way to create a productive work environment or an appealing retail environment. Besides being eye-catching, living green walls in Australia offers numerous health and cost benefits.

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