Living Green Wall in Melbourne

Vista Concepts completed the Green Wall at 50 Market Street, Melbourne in March 2018. This was a renovation project wherein we worked directly with the construction company. The work involved renovating and upgrading the lift lobby and the inclusion of an upmarket coffee shop in the precinct.

Vista Concepts won the subcontract and then designed the green wall, which included plant selection, irrigation and drainage system and consultation on LED lighting. As part of our overall consultancy service, we can advise on the required LED lighting for interior applications. This project was completed on time and we provided 12 months maintenance, which is standard in all our installations.

Living green walls can often be seen in hotels, airports and the office premises of top companies and beautification is not the only reason that drives the management of these places to take this green initiative and hire the services of experts in living green walls. Living green walls or vertical gardens actually offer so many advantages that once you become informed about them, you too may feel a strong urge to tap into their usefulness.

Green walls purify air, are good for health and well-being, lower ambient temperature and noise, add to property and brand value, create a healing environment, suit a small space and counter fire threat.

So, if your commercial establishment too is located in Melbourne, you can contact Vista Concepts, a leading green wall supplier in Melbourne, for your next Green Wall, Moss Wall or Artificial Garden Wall project to obtain the best advice and a cost-effective solution. If you are on the lookout for other similar objects like roof garden and garden trellis in Melbourne, we can again help you out. As you get in touch with us and share your requirement, we will ensure that you get precisely what you want. Free shipment is a complementary service that we will offer to you.

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