Artificial Green Walls: An Excellent Choice for Long-Lasting, Environmentally Constructed Commercial Space

Artifical green wall

Artificial Green Walls: An Excellent Choice for Long-Lasting, Environmentally Constructed Commercial Space

Artificial Green Walls: An Excellent Choice for Long-Lasting, Environmentally Constructed Commercial Space artificial green walls

There are many great reasons as to why you should surround yourself with greenery and plants. Studies have shown that greenery not just increases your sense of well-being and mood, but it also enhances focus and productivity in offices. Real plants, though, need a lot of upkeep, fertilisers, and pest control to stay green and healthy.

On the contrary, an artificial green wall in Australia requires only occasional dusting after installation. Thankfully, artificial green walls have come a long way over the last couple of years. Owing to advances in artificial plant technology and design, they now appear more realistic and are available in a plethora of textures and colours. When picked, designed and installed in the right manner, an artificial green wall allows customers, visitors and employees to feel relaxed; just like natural plants.

In offices, retail outlets, and eateries, the best thing about artificial green wall systems in Australia is that they do not need huge space for installation. If you want to enjoy the look and feel of nature – without all the tedious work associated with living plants – you should consider installing an artificial garden wall in your commercial or office space.

 Advantages of Installing an Artificial Green Wall in Australia

There are myriad benefits of using synthetic plants and grass in commercial spaces. An artificial vertical garden can create a virtually zero-maintenance landscape that has the potential to attract individuals. Here are four benefits of installing artificial green walls.

  • Saves Water: Unlike living green plants, artificial green walls don’t require water to survive and grow. This helps you save water as well as dollars on your water bills. This is a great financial benefit that can help make your organisation or business more eco-friendly.


  • Low on Maintenance: A living green wall needs too much care, including watering, fertilising, pruning, and replacing any dead/diseased plant as and when required. The bulk of businesses also need hiring professionals to care for them, which adds to their upkeep expenses. An artificial wall, on the other hand, doesn’t require all this. Simply dust them off once in a while so that they look just great round the year.


  • Brings Colour and Vibrancy: Real plants add vibrancy and life to any space – and artificial plants can do that as well. Modern-day artificial plants, like the ones from Vista Concepts – Australia’s leading supplier of artificial green walls – look extremely realistic and may help you take the advantage of stress reduction, just like real plants. The appearance of artificial garden walls can make the ambience of your restaurant, office or other commercial space livelier and more welcoming.


  • Lowers Noise Levels: If you work or have a business in a high-traffic area, artificial green walls can act as a buffer to reduce sound from roads, neighbours, and other similar external sources. They can also help lower the noise, originating from your own space too, thereby decreasing disruption to other neighbouring businesses.


Tips for Installing an Artificial Green Wall Systems in Australia

Find a Suitable Spot

If you are not sure where to install the artificial green wall in your office or retail space, your first step should be to size up the walls. Note that artificial green walls can be installed almost anywhere, including a courtyard, rooftop patio, lobby or a small seating area.

Find Design Ideas and Inspiration

Today, there are an array of online resources for design inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Images can give you enough idea of how to design and install green wall systems in restaurants, office buildings, retail shops, malls, hospitals, hotels and so on. It will also help you identify how to pair your green wall with fountains, turf or hardscape for your business.

Determine Textures and Colours

Modern-day artificial plants look extremely similar to real plants as the former are now available in numerous shapes, textures and colours. With artificial green walls, you can create any look you want, from wild and exciting to traditional and trimmed.

Install the Artificial Green Wall

Setting up an artificial green wall in Australia from Vista Concepts is fast and easy. Apart from being lightweight and easy to install, it doesn’t require too much maintenance. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all alone, as our artificial garden wall specialists will ensure appropriate and quick installation.

For Living Green Walls, Moss Walls and Artificial Garden Walls, trust the experts at Vista Concepts. We have helped many businesses and companies in Australia customise and adorn their spaces with living and artificial garden walls.

Call at 1300 621 787 or fill out the Contact Form to understand how you can install an artificial garden wall at your business.

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