How Can Living Green Walls be Visually Beneficial?

Living Green Walls

How Can Living Green Walls be Visually Beneficial?

Living Green Walls


Have you ever seen a vertical wall of plants while strolling through a metropolis, a hotel lobby, or a business event? These are green living walls, and they are becoming more and more popular everywhere in the world. In fact, they are quite popular in the whole of Australia.

A living green wall is essentially a wall made of plant-filled panels arranged in rows. The plants are supported by a sturdy metal frame that may either be free-standing or attached to a wall while they grow vertically, utilizing an incoming water line concealed behind the wall.

Vertical gardens, green walls, living plant walls systems, and eco-walls are other names for living green walls. They can be seen as a part of a hotel lobby, an airport, a gathering, or on the side of a structure.

Generally speaking, vegetated surfaces are considered to be aesthetically pleasing. They can serve as a focal point and be visually appealing to observers or can be used to conceal undesirable spaces and buildings.

These vertical plant walls are custom designed and serve as live works of art while offering all the advantages of nature. They are now a real choice for commercial spaces as they have gained popularity, especially in urban areas where there is a lack of natural features and limited space.

These architectural features, also known as green walls, living walls, or vertical gardens, can be found on the interior or exterior of buildings and can be as small as a few square feet or as large as complete walls in open spaces.


Enhances Visual Appeal


Experts in living green walls suggest such walls enhance the appearance of a building’s interior or exterior. This is the reason why living green walls are becoming more frequently seen in (or on) hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, upscale clubs, etc.

Additionally, green walls are a terrific marketing strategy that can be used to advertise a business’ commitment to sustainability and the environment. The value of businesses and commercial properties can be greatly raised by adding living walls. According to studies, simply having plants around a building can boost its value by up to 20%.

A living wall is actually something alive, as the name implies. This one-of-a-kind urban landscape is best described as art. Living or working in a green environment fosters a sense of unity. In this sense, aggression, violence, and vandalism are less common in regions with more vegetation.

Even decades later, living walls remain one of the most innovative ways to add plants and greenery both indoors and outdoors. A vertical garden supplier can turn green walls into a living work of art.

A green wall is essentially a segment of wall that has vegetation growing on it in soil or another substrate. Because the traditional way of watering plants with a hose doesn’t work well when the plants are 100 feet high on the outside of a building, living walls have an integrated watering system.

In cities, vertical gardens are most typically seen when they are employed as building exteriors. The plants add another layer of insulation to the room, in addition to being lovely. They aid in lowering the building’s overall temperatures caused by heat.

The air quality within a structure can be enhanced through the use of vertical gardens. Naturally, plants filter the air around them by absorbing and cleaning contaminants, removing carbon dioxide, and creating oxygen-rich air.


Improve your life with living green walls


If you reside in Australia, you are surely surrounded by concrete, asphalt, noise, and pollution. Your physical and emotional health may suffer as a result. In these kinds of concrete jungles, a lot of plants can significantly raise your standard of living.

Creating a serene and uplifting work, or outdoor setting, is environmentally beneficial and helps with temperature management and air purification. It is all done using green walls! They may even be of assistance in unexpected ways, such as increasing business productivity and improving the look of the built environment.

For your clients, guests, and employees, our team at Vista Concepts, one of the leading green living wall suppliers in Australia, are passionate about transforming environments into visual experiences.

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