What Aspects Must Be Taken into Consideration Before Installing Living Moss Wall Art?

What Aspects Must Be Taken into Consideration Before Installing Living Moss Wall Art? moss wall art

What Aspects Must Be Taken into Consideration Before Installing Living Moss Wall Art?


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Are you enthused to deck up your interiors with moss wall art? If yes, you will be amongst the many who are jumping on this latest bandwagon. But you will have to just hold your horses a bit for there are certain factors that you will have to take into consideration before installing living moss wall art. We have shed light on the same below and once you become well-informed, you just have to find someone dealing in moss wall art in Australia and it will not be long before you attain your objective:

  • Moss walls need little maintenance and their installation costs 40% less in comparison to a general vertical garden. What’s more, moss walls are light as well.


  • Moss walls do not require any soil or substrate and contrary to living walls, they can survive in shaded places. You will not have to think a lot prior to mounting them inside or in the northern section of your floor.


  • Moss walls may not require regular upkeep but they will remain healthy and fresh for a longer period of time if you focus on basic care. A most critical factor that you cannot overlook is humidity. As humidity is critical to the existence of moss walls, you must make sure there are no heaters in their vicinity and if they begin to dry up, a humidifier will come in handy.


  • It is important to remember that a moss wall is different from a typical living wall, which can be more attractive but less useful. Living walls comprise plants requiring soil and water. Proper maintenance is a must in the case of these walls that will demand your concern for water, sunlight, supplements and probably bugs as well.


  • Living green walls in general demand plenty of space since soil and plant roots need sufficient space. For this reason, you will see them growing in recessed walls or covering an entire wall. Whereas the protrusion of a moss wall will not be more than 30mm from the surface where it is mounted, very much like any framed artwork.


  • Rather than installing a living moss wall art just for the heck of it, you can choose it as a viable alternative to revive the interiors of your commercial space. If you have long been wondering what to install in your foyer, reception or a wall in your showroom that has long been blank, you now have the answer.


  • If you have to go out in search of peace and tranquility and you are keen to save on your precious time, installing living moss wall art can ably serve your purpose. Being in its vicinity will no doubt have a calming influence on you and be soothing to your eyes.


  • Fire resistance is a vital feature of moss walls and when you decide to install one or a few, make sure this characteristic is not missing. This is where the thing in question will score over a general painting that can easily catch fire.


  • Longevity is yet another impressive quality of moss walls. Just because it has a living thing called moss, you must not assume that it will have a limited life span. On the contrary, it can serve as an interior décor object for years on end.


  • An ideal place to install a living moss wall art is the lobby adjacent to elevators or the so-called lift area. Often, it is considered an impersonal place but if it has greenery, it will become more inviting for it will become cooler, prettier and healthier too.


  • The name of your company, store or outlet must immediately come to the notice of visitors. And moss wall art gives you two options. You can either have the name displayed against a green background or let the name itself become moss wall art. If done tastefully, it will draw the notice of onlookers more than once.


Vista Concepts is a prominent moss walls supplier in Australia and we can even help you with moss wall installation. You may be situated anywhere in Australia but if you share your moss wall requirement with us, it is almost a cinch that we will supply it to your location. We also deal in similar items such as artificial green wall, vertical gardens etc. To check our past performance, you can go through our gallery and read about our previous projects.

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