Why Are Commercial Enterprises Making Living Green Architecture Development A Priority?

Why Are Commercial Enterprises Making Living Green Architecture Development A Priority? living green

Why Are Commercial Enterprises Making Living Green Architecture Development A Priority?

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The presence of greenery in commercial buildings is now increasing and becoming more conspicuous. But it’s no fad. There are several factors that are driving money-making entities to make their environment greener and below we have mentioned the most plausible reasons:

Better Indoor Environment

Living plant wall systems holds the key to a better and healthier indoor environment. Green surroundings prove to be a cure for sore eyes that have to keep gazing at computer screens for hours on end. When you have plants and foliage all around you, you feel less tempted to go outdoors. The pursuit of fresh air is what draws people outside of an enclosed space but when the indoor air is already pure and oxygen-rich, going out becomes less necessary.

Water Conservation  

Living green architecture is characterised by optimal use of water. The plumbing fixtures for green walls and roof gardens are such that water wastage is minimised or eliminated altogether. You can also purify water via specially engineered systems and go for water recycling. You can also leverage other sources of water like rainwater.

Improved Health

If you work all your life in a green building, you are surely going to live longer. That’s because eco-friendly materials are used for the construction of sustainable structures. Traditional building materials are known to consist of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or by-products of plastic that emit carcinogens and poisonous gases into the air. These in turn cause respiratory ailments, allergies, other health problems and even cancer in worst cases. With an eye to the long-term health of the occupants, commercial ventures are now switching to green architecture and procuring it from green living wall suppliers.

Less Strain On Shared Resources  

Shares resources, particularly in cities, experience tremendous strain because of the ever-surging demand. Green structures play a pivotal role in lowering the environment effect on these resources, which need to be preserved and safeguarded for our progeny. Think of water and think of energy. A green building uses both these resources in less measure. So, when a town or a city is replete with such edifices, the amount of strain on shared resources will be much less.

Lower Operational & Maintenance Costs    

This is one of the major reasons why commercial establishments warm up to green architecture as it allows them to incur lower operational and maintenance costs in the long run and save a fortune eventually. The initial expenses could be higher compared to traditional setups but it is recovered on a year-on-year and exponential basis. So, if you ultimately wish to spend less on water and energy, start making your building green today by consulting experts in living green walls.

Use Of Natural Rather Than Non-Renewable Resources  

This is another hallmark of green architecture. Instead of relying on non-renewable resources like coal and oil, green buildings tap into natural supplies like water, sun and wind. This way they do not contribute to the ever-increasing population. And while non-renewable resources are expensive as well, their counterparts, as mentioned before, prove to be instrumental in reducing the operational and maintenance costs of a commercial venture in the long run.

Opportunity To Upcycle  

Recycling is now becoming passé as upcycling is now the new buzzword. When you upcycle something, you use old and discarded materials to create something new that is even better than the original. Green architecture offers this opportunity to its exponents. The use of recycled materials and the reuse of resources lead to lower carbon footprints and conservation of natural resources. Upcycling results in the erection of structures that can brace the ravages of nature and last for ages.

Environmental Role           

Buildings have a major role to play in greenhouse gas emissions and by turning green, they play a positive environmental role. In fact, to tackle global warming and for a healthier and cleaner future, going green may no longer be an option but a compulsion. Future generations could become accustomed to working in a green environment.

So now you understand why commercial enterprises are making living green architecture development a priority. Vista Concepts is one of the most renowned Green Living Wall Suppliers in Australia and as expert in living green walls, we can readily cater to your need for green walls living plant systems and other components of green architecture. You can place your order from anywhere in Australia and you your shipment will be sent to your doorstep. Since we know the ins and outs of Living Plant Wall Systems, we can assist you with installation also.

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