Why Your Commercial Property Must Have A Living Green Wall

Why Your Commercial Property Must Have A Living Green Wall living green wall

Why Your Commercial Property Must Have A Living Green Wall

Why Your Commercial Property Must Have A Living Green Wall living green wall

Is your office, restaurant, or shop bereft of a living green wall? Are you of the view that it’s a luxury that you can make do without? Instead of being a symbol of opulence, a living green wall is in fact a healthy investment that yields solid returns and proves beneficial in several ways when you leverage it in the right manner. You just have to become a little more knowledgeable about living green walls, get attuned to their advantages and soon you too will be prompted to install one in your business place.

Below, we have given some plausible reasons as to why your commercial property must have a living green wall:

  1. Air purification

Wouldn’t you want that the air that you breathe in your enclosed space every day is healthy and clean? So, instead of investing in an air purifier, you can actually cover one or two of your walls with natural foliage that will decontaminate the air in much more natural way.

As you install a living green wall, it will start converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. The more oxygen there is in the air, the healthier you are going to feel. Not just this, your living green wall will even transform VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into those that plants actually eat.

  1. Positive impact on health & well-being

Some may dismiss a living green wall as just a showpiece but you cannot imagine the kind of positive impact it has on the health and well-being of those who spend time around it on a day-to-day basis. That nature and greenery is critical to the existence of mankind is a given. So, when you have plants and leaves inside the very place where you spend a good part of your day, it boosts your vitality, elevates your mood and creates a sense of happiness. As you start using a living green wall, it shall do wonders to your mental health and let you stay fresh and upbeat longer.

  1. Temperature control   

As we said earlier, a living green wall is an investment that offers returns in multiple ways. So, when you have such a wall in your commercial establishment, you will see how it will come in handy in controlling the temperature. When it’s summers, your green wall will both reflect and absorb sunlight, thereby keeping the indoor environment cooler and during winters, the same thing is going to mitigate energy loss by providing an extra layer of insulation. This way your interiors will stay warmer. It will please you no end when you are able to find respite from heat and cold in a natural way without incurring extra energy charges.

  1. Sound absorber

A living green wall acts as a natural sound absorber. Noise pollution is often a cause for concern at workplaces. All the chatter and movement creates a din that requires one to use the boardroom or a separate soundproof cabin to escape the commotion. But when you have a living green wall and a thick one at that, the difference will be palpable. It is believed that vertical gardens absorb 40% more sound than a normal façade. Give it a try and you may see that you and your colleagues might not feel the need to go out to attend a call as the cacophony will be much less.

  1. Brand builder

It will not be a hyperbole to say that a living green wall can act as a brand builder too for it does a few things that allows others other to form a good image about your brand.  A living green wall helps create a more welcoming environment for visitors and it projects you as an eco-friendly entity. So, apart from benefitting your health and well-being, it ends up improving your reputation as well.

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