Why should you invest in living green walls for your commercial space?

Why should you invest in living green walls for your commercial space?

Why should you invest in living green walls for your commercial space?

Why should you invest in living green walls for your commercial space?


Is there no living green wall in your office, eatery or retail store? Do you really see vertical garden as an expendable luxury? Interestingly, instead of signifying lavishness, a living green wall is rather a healthy investment, which gives strong returns and proves advantageous in multiple ways when you do use it effectively. As you become a little more informed about living green walls and warm up to their benefits, you won’t be able to resist the urge to have one installed in your commercial establishment.

Below, you will learn of the reasons why you should invest in living green walls for your commercial space:

  1. Air decontamination

How nice it will be if the air that circulates indoors in your workplace every day is pure and fresh. So, rather than buying an air purifier, you can instead cover up one or more walls with natural greenery that will cleanse the air a lot more naturally.

No sooner you install a living green wall, than it will start transforming CO2 into oxygen. When there is more oxygen in the air, you are obviously going to feel healthier. Besides, your living green wall will change VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into edible material for plants.

  1. Salutary effect on health and well-being

Some may take a dim view of living green wall and simply see it as a decorative object. However, if you enquire a bit, you will learn of the salutary effect it has on the health and well-being of the ones who spend time in its vicinity every day. What nature and greenery means to mankind is common knowledge.

So, when you have vegetation close by in the very space where you spend a majority of your day, it makes you more energetic, lifts your spirits and evokes a happy feeling. By having a living green wall around every day, you shall feel healthier mentally and manage to stay active longer.

  1. Temperature control

As we mentioned before, you can expect multiple returns from a living green wall. So, when you install one in your showroom or lobby, you’ll see how it does its bit in regulating the temperature. During summers, a green wall soaks up as well as reflects sunlight, thereby allowing the indoor environment to remain cool and when it is winters, the same thing controls energy loss by offering an additional layer of insulation. This is how the interiors remain warm. You are obviously going to feel pleased when you manage to tackle heat and cold naturally sans additional energy costs.

  1. Sound Absorber

A living green wall absorbs sound naturally. Workplaces often have to contend with noise pollution. With people moving here and there and conversing with each other, often there is literally a commotion that causes one to take refuge in the boardroom or a noiseless cabin.

However, the presence of a living green wall and that too a bulky one causes a palpable difference. Vertical gardens are known to suck up 40% more sound compared to a general façade. Try it out and chances are your office people may have to no longer go out for attending a call   as there will be less clamour.

  1. Brand booster

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that a living green wall also does the job of a brand booster since some of the things that it does prompt others to build a more positive image about your business. A living green wall allows you to create a more inviting ambience for your visitors and project yourself as an environment-friendly venture.  So, besides proving to be advantageous for your health and well-being, it bolsters your image also.

  1. No space constraint

One of the best things about living green walls is that they do not occupy floor space and may not require a lot of space depending on the size that you opt for. So, even if your commercial unit is miniature, you can still harbour hopes of installing a living green wall. You just have to choose any one spot and figure out what the dimensions of your vertical garden are going to be. And even if there is no sunlight or fresh air, you can still have the thing in question.

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