What contribution can a living green wall make to your well-being?

What contribution can a living green wall make to your well-being? living green wall

What contribution can a living green wall make to your well-being?

What contribution can a living green wall make to your well-being? living green wall

Green walls, also known as eco walls, are a fresh, distinctive, and modern approach to bringing nature into rooms. Living green walls, which can enhance beauty and make a statement, can be installed on practically any indoor or outdoor building. It can make a dramatic statement for any brand-positive firm.  

Getting living green wall installation done provides functional benefits, such as improving air quality, lowering energy costs, and acting as a natural acoustic filter. It also reduces noise levels in crowded areas. These advantages, as well as the environmentally friendly and sustainable image they project, increase the value of a living green wall for any business. Green wall systems are the hottest trend in Australia and around the world.   

Living green walls are an excellent method to improve aesthetics, air quality, and employee alertness and energy levels. As you all know, a significant growth in urban-living seekers over the last half-century has resulted in a significant increase in air pollution and the loss of green places.   

Living green walls and vertical gardens are a fantastic solution for property owners, looking to improve their space while incorporating natural elements. Living green walls bring life-giving flora into drab interior spaces. They provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and can boost the morale of employees at work.  

Having real, breathing plant life, whether planted on the exterior or interior of a building, such walls give a “wow factor.” They are easy to maintain and are a sustainable solution in modern times.   

Advantages of Living Green Walls   

By creating enticing and pleasant spaces, living green walls make a stunning statement. They have the same striking appearance when it comes to promoting good health. Imagine that those who enter your premises will be greeted by a lush, green environment, as well as experience the benefits of being surrounded by flora.   

Today, vertically green gardens, an emerging trend in green design, are coming to life on the exteriors of buildings, hotel lobbies, office reception rooms, and more around the world. They add to the building’s appeal, are soothing for the eyes, and can immediately transport you to another dimension. 

  • Reduced energy costs   

The mechanism of “evapotranspiration” is used by both interior and exterior living green walls to cool the air during the hot summer months. Exterior living green walls can lower wall surface temperatures by up to 10 degrees Celsius, helping you save energy and money on air conditioning. The added benefit of having green walls is that they lower energy expenses, especially during the winter months by providing the much-needed insulation.   

  • Better air quality  

Living green walls act as natural air filters, resulting in a cleaner, more energising workplace that improves occupant health and well-being. Carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene, and formaldehyde are all common indoor air contaminants. Living green walls decompose dangerous substances while also releasing oxygen into the air, similar to indoor plants but on a much larger scale.   

  • Reduction of noise   

One of the lesser-known advantages of living green walls is that they help lower the noise levels of offices and buildings. Plants have been utilised to minimise noise in residential areas near roads and highways. This notion is expanded upon by living green walls, which ‘naturally’ suppress high-frequency sounds. Furthermore, the supporting structure can aid in the reduction of low-frequency noise.   

Living green walls provide additional insulation with a layer of air between the plants and the wall. They also minimise noise levels by refracting, reflecting and absorbing sound.   

Do you want to reap the advantages of living green walls in your office?   

So far, we’ve discussed how living green walls may help businesses earn money in both direct and indirect ways. But it is a sure-fire way to improve your sense of well-being and save energy expenses by forming a thick layer of insulation in the winter, preventing heat from escaping and keeping the atmosphere warmer, and by providing cooling in the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning.   

To reap the advantages of living green walls in your office or commercial space, it’s best to consult green living wall suppliers. Vista Concepts is an Australia-wide national supplier and has been providing services commercially. They are specialists in offering green walls, moss walls, roof gardens, vertical gardens, greening solutions and more. Having offices available in multiple locations such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, you can easily avail their services at your convenience.  

Reach out to our team who can help you install living green walls at showrooms, foyers, commercial offices and apartments.   

Make an appointment with a member of our team who can provide you with guidance and assist you in saving time, effort, and money on your commercial project. Partner with Vista Concepts to bring green walls living plant systems in your commercial space and prioritise your well-being today !   


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