Trendy Living Green Wall Art: An Efficient Way to Save Energy Bills

living green wall

Trendy Living Green Wall Art: An Efficient Way to Save Energy Bills

living green wall


Vertical gardens comprise plants that grow either directly on a wall or on an adjoining supporting structure. Numerous studies have shown that green walls help eliminate pollution from the air we breathe, enhance biodiversity and adjust the temperature indoors. Additionally, they help with noise reduction.

To be true, living green wall systems in Australia are not just a popular design feature as they help lower temperatures in your indoor areas and consequently, bring down the costs of cooling while also reducing emissions at the same time.

How Does Trendy Living Green Wall Art Help with Energy Conservation?


Today, green wall systems in Australia are widely known for creating productive work environments, relaxing retail spaces, healing medical facilities, attentive learning environments, and soothing resorts. Having said that, one of the greatest quantifiable advantages of green walls is that they can offer environmental benefits and help with energy conservation.

A process called “evapotranspiration” takes place in exterior as well as interior living walls. In this process, the water present in the leaves of plants in living green walls evaporates via transpiration that aids in cooling the outdoor air and indoor air during the hot summer months.

The way how evapotranspiration lowers the temperature of the air is quite similar to how the skin cools the body through the process of perspiration (or sweating). Green wall systems in Australia can actually help lower air temperatures by up to 10°C. If installed strategically, trendy living green wall art can significantly reduce the absorption of the sun’s heat by the building while lowering the costs of cooling by up to 30%.

When it is about wintry days, living green walls provide building insulation that aids in lowering the costs of energy needed to keep the building warm. By cooling the air during summers and insulating the indoor space in winters, living green walls can remarkably lower the energy bills.

Moreover, vertical green walls are also great at minimising temperature fluctuations at the wall’s surface. Not only does it help protect the structure, but it also extends the life of the building. If some reports are to be believed, a well-designed and properly installed commercial living green wall (or landscape) can offer you enough energy savings to recover your initial investments in just 8 years.

Commercial green walls can be considered as natural air conditioners that can bring down the indoor temperature during summer and can serve as an insulation layer during winter. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your indoor areas, living walls can make your commercial or office spaces more functional and energy-efficient.


Key Benefits of Green Wall Systems in Australia


Here are some most important benefits of installing green walls:

  • Keeps Your Interior Cool: When placed strategically on vertical gardens, indoor plants could disrupt vertical airflow. This slows down and cools the air indoors. Green walls are also known to reduce the temperature of air around intake valves. This means, your air conditioning systems will need less energy for cooling the air before it is circulated around.


  • Enhances Air Quality: Vertical gardens aid in enhancing air quality and lowering noise levels indoors. Air that has been circulating in an indoor space, featuring strategically placed living green walls, will always be cleaner than the air in an indoor space with no greenery at all. Indoor plants are, in general, quite efficient in removing harmful airborne pollutants. Moreover, indoor green walls are very much capable of blocking high-frequency sounds, which makes vertical garden walls an excellent choice for buildings in busy areas.


  • Flow on Benefits: Properties with vertical gardens have a competitive advantage in the real estate market. Installing living garden walls in your commercial or residential property is an easy way to boost its market value. Properties with living green walls have been known to positively affect the health of people living or working in such buildings, vs. properties with no greenery altogether. Plus, such properties look exceptionally fabulous, both from the inside and outside.


Should You Consider Living Green Walls as a Design Feature or for Practical Benefits?


Particularly for people living in cities, the practical benefits of living green walls are the biggest motivation behind installing green walls in their residential, commercial or office spaces. The significant drop in energy bills, especially during the scorching months of summer, is something that appeals to a lot of city dwellers. Having said that, the design attribute also has a key role to play in people’s decision to install living green walls – after all, looks matter!


How to Set Up a Vertical Garden


Vertical green walls are available in different sizes and shapes, ranging from simple bags to comprehensive modular systems. When selecting one, keep factors like ongoing maintenance and the ease of installation in mind. To ensure hassle-free installation and to avoid running into any major problems down the road, it’s best to hire an expert in living green walls, such as Vista Concepts. Other things to be considered may include watering options as well as the growth of the plants, or where you would allow their roots to grow.


Designing and Building a Vertical Garden


Try to keep your design as simple as possible – and hire any of the leading green living wall suppliers, who have enough experience installing and managing vertical green walls. While it is good for green wall systems in Australia to be close to water drainage or supply, it is not at all necessary.

Go with a system that is easy to operate and maintain – and looks superb right from the day of installation. If possible, place them near a source of natural light; else, you will require either rotating the plants or installing glow lights. After all, vertical green walls are just as alive as any other living plants.

Similar to traditional gardens, make sure to water them regularly. We suggest installing an automatic watering system for your ease. Your green living wall supplier will help you with that.

Recently planning to adorn your office or commercial space with green walls? Contact Vista Concepts, a leading Australian supplier of living green walls, roof garden systems, moss wall and artificial garden walls.



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