Seasonal Modifications in Living Green walls

Seasonal Modifications in Living Green walls living green walls

Seasonal Modifications in Living Green walls

Seasonal Modifications in Living Green walls living green wallsThe curb appeal of your property will improve significantly after you install an outdoor living green walls and it will offer some additional benefits too. However, because your vertical garden will be exposed to the elements, it will require seasonal modifications, particularly during harsh winters.

So, to keep your outdoor greenwall in good shape, here is what you will be required to do from time to time:

  1. Buy native plants

To face fewer hassles later on, you can go for a native plant in the first place. If you are based in a place where the mercury drops much below zero degree for at least a quarter of a year, you can’t have an outdoor greenwall consisting of tropical plants that will rather suit a region that has a moderate climate.

  1. Cover your greenwall

This is something that you need to do when the weather gets exorbitantly cold. Plastic, bubble wrap or burlap shall let you wrap your greenwall properly and shield it from the ravages of winter. As you do so, sufficient heat will be generated for keeping the plants insulated. This trick works well for a greenwall placed against a wall. The solid structure offering support from the back will also offer some heat.

  1. Replace plants

If you make the mistake that we talked about earlier i.e. using a warmer climate plant for colder climes, you can make amends by doing the right replacement. With honeycomb pot systems and felt bags, swapping out plants becomes a lot easier.

  1. Hydrate your plants

Before winter sets in, you must make sure that your outdoor greenwall is properly hydrated or else the soil will start freezing in the absence of any water for insulation. This requires timely monitoring.

  1. Monitor outdoor greenwall

Expanding on the aforementioned point, we once again reiterate that you will have to keep monitoring your outdoor greenwall from time to time. The water cycle will require adjustments in accordance with fluctuations in direct sunlight, daylight hours, wind speed and temperature. This will certainly enable your outdoor greenwall to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Now after reading about greenwall systems in australia and its upkeep, you may feel the urge to buy one and install it in your commercial property. And if you are wondering wherefrom you can procure one, Vista Concepts, one of the most renowned green wall suppliers in Australia, can easily cater to your need. No matter where your business exists, we in all probability will send your shipment to you and free of cost at that.

Besides greenwalls, Vista Concepts deals in other similar objects too like roof garden, grass paver, artificial green wall etc. Lastly, we can help you with installation as well.

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