Moss walls revolutionising interior design

Moss walls revolutionising interior design moss walls

Moss walls revolutionising interior design

Moss walls revolutionising interior design moss walls


If interior designing ever needed a shot in the arm, it got that from moss walls that have been nothing less than a revelation for they allow you to alter the interiors of your property for the better in a natural way.

Because moss walls are preserved and undergo stabilisation and thorough incubation, they retain their raw essence. One of the best attributes of moss walls is that no matter what the theme of your interior design is, they will fit in naturally. Giving them a miss is really hard for they are a real treat to the eyes. For the uninitiated, moss walls do not just come in one solid green colour and there are more than 20 variants.

Moss walls really qualify as a modern work of art that allow you to have that much-needed greenery indoors when you incorporate them in your interior design. They let you avail the benefits that you go looking for in nature outdoors and are an exceptional home décor item that require little maintenance.

If you have been thinking of giving decorative walls a try, a moss wall that has real moss pasted on a wall can serve your purpose to a nicety. With a moss wall, you can convert a dull section or a normal passage into a tidy green area. Whenever plantscaping is discussed, moss walls are sure to find a mention.

Cost & Other Specialties  

You may think that the quality of the moss used in a moss wall determines the cost. On the contrary, the frames that surround such walls influence the eventual price. The frames are either metallic or wooden and the wood that is used is stained, coated or painted.

And it’s not just in terms of design that moss walls have been instrumental in revolutionising interior design. In comparison to a living wall, they cost 40% less where installation is concerned. Besides, they are quite light as well.

Again, you may feel that you will have to think at length before installing a moss wall inside your space. Actually, you won’t have to ponder too much as moss walls do not require any soil or substrate and as opposed to living walls, they can even prosper in shady places.

Maintenance and Benefits

Now when it comes to maintenance, once in six months you just need to see whether your moss wall has sustained any damage and for dusting, compressed air will suffice. And for a prolonged life, you can bring home a harmless preservative and put a fresh coat once a year.

And after you learn of the useful purposes that moss walls serve, you will be more inclined to start using them at the earliest. To begin with, moss walls purify air by converting CO2 and other contaminants into biomass that moss ends up consuming itself. Moss is known to both release and absorb moisture, thereby controlling humidity. Moss walls are beneficial for both the body and the mind. Where there is a quality moss wall, there shall be fewer allergies, less stress and more productivity and creativity. Lastly, on account of being dense and spongy, they can ably insulate excessive sound and light as well.


If you are looking for a moss wall supplier in Australia, we here at Vista Concepts are ever ready to cater to your need. We are a renowned name when it comes to moss wall art in Australia and readily supply mss walls to buyers in places like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and more. Besides moss walls, we deal in other related things too such as roof gardens, living green walls etc.

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