Moss Wall – Newest and Most Affordable Idea for Green Wall

Moss Wall - Newest and Most Affordable Idea for Green Wall moss wall

Moss Wall – Newest and Most Affordable Idea for Green Wall

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Having one or two green walls in your commercial property, indoor or outdoor, is no longer a fad. Now that everyone is slowly warming up to the benefits of vertical gardening, green walls can be seen a lot more in restaurants, retail outlets, airports, office premises etc. And moss walls in particular are emerging as the newest and most affordable idea where green walls are concerned. To order one, you just have to find a successful moss wall supplier in Australia dealing in moss wall art. Below, we have explained why you too may be prompted to install a moss wall in your business place when you are keen to have some greenery in the fastest and the most convenient way possible:

  • Moss walls have given interior designing that much-needed fillip, allowing interior decorators to enhance the look and feel of any property naturally.


  • As a result of preservation, stabilisation and proper incubation, moss walls do not lose their raw essence. One of the specialties of moss walls is that they fit in easily whatever be the theme of the interior design. Moss walls are hard to overlook for they are extremely pleasing to the eye. And the best part is instead of coming in just one shade like solid green, moss walls have over 20 variants.


  • Moss walls allow you to enjoy the benefits that you try to find in nature outdoors and they are an extraordinary interior décoration prop that does not require much upkeep.


  • If a decorative wall has been a bee in your bonnet for some time, a moss wall consisting of real moss glued to a wall is what you probably need. By using a moss wall, you can transform an uninteresting area or a simple passageway into a clean green spot. Moss walls are sure to be mentioned whenever plantscaping is the topic of discussion.


  • It is not just design wise that moss walls have revolutionised interior design. Compared to a living green wall, their installation costs 40% less. What’s more, they are so light also.


  • Interestingly, it is not the moss present in a moss wall that influences the overall price. The cost is largely determined by the frames that can be metallic or wooden. And a frame made of wood can be tainted, layered or dyed.


  • If you are of the view that you will really have to think long and hard before incorporating moss walls in your commercial property amongst other things, you are actually mistaken. Moss walls need no soil or substrate and unlike living green walls, they can easily remain alive in dark and shady areas.


  • As far as maintenance is concerned, you can inspect your moss wall every six months to spot any damage and compressed air is what you can use for removing dust. For longevity, you can use a non-toxic additive and apply a fresh coat every year.


  • Once you come to terms with the important functions that moss walls perform, you may feel a stronger urge to use them ASAP. To start with, moss walls filter the air by changing carbon dioxide and other pollutants into biomass, which moss ends up eating itself. Moss is said to both emit and soak up moisture, thereby keeping humidity in check. Moss walls prove to be advantageous for both the mind and the body. The installation of a high-quality moss wall can result in fewer allergies, lower stress levels and greater output and creativeness. And because they are thick and soft at the same time, they can effectively block too much sound and light also.


  • A commercial establishment normally is replete with synthetic items, making the deficiency of nature conspicuous. Nature has long served as an inspirational source to interior designing and decorative moss walls grab attention like nothing else. Moss wall artworks can easily find their way indoors in a place where fitting in a living wall is not a possibility at all.


  • In case of moss, the colour variations are natural and neither lack depth nor energy. A few interior designers use these different colours to make a solid visual impact through contradictory patterns. And of course when put to use in perpendicular structures, moss results in the formation of a most attractive wall. It is up to designers how they use moss to create different designs. You may be given the option to have one plain moss wall or use moss in select places.



If you are on the lookout for a moss wall supplier in Australia, you need to look no further than Vista Concepts that is always raring to fulfill your requirement. We are someone you can count on when it’s about moss wall art in Australia and we have been providing buyers with moss walls in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and more. In addition to moss walls, we sell other related items also like vertical garden walls, artificial living green wall etc.

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