Moss Wall Ideas to Adorn Unused Spaces

moss wall

Moss Wall Ideas to Adorn Unused Spaces

moss wall

Moss has existed on Earth for over 400 million years, but this mysteriously charming decorative plant is still quite a popular choice in the interior design arena. Architects, designers and artists are always experimenting with this flowerless plant to come up with innovatively unique designs.  

Exceptionally artsy and ornamental, moss can be used to develop moss walls in different styles and patterns to provide you with a vibrant and creative design scheme. In addition to creating a charmingly calm and inviting ambience, you can build moss walls to have an extremely eye-pleasing setting. Here are 5 truly fantastic ideas for installing moss wall art in Australia that can quickly uplift the ambience of your office or commercial space.  

  1. Moss Walls in the Conference Room: Activities in the conference room often become very tense. So, a superb way to introduce a calm and cool feel into the space is by installing a moss wall. It will ease the chaotic conference room atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Using elements that can quickly make an uninteresting room inspiring, moss walls in Melbourne certainly make for a remarkable addition.
  2. Moss Walls in the Reception Area: Being the first area that visitors see, the reception area provides a wonderful opportunity to make a great first impression. And, what else could be better than a soothing green moss wall to make your employees, clients and guests feel cosy and welcomed? A creatively designed moss wall in the reception area will set the overall tone for an inviting ambience.
  3. Moss Wall Art: Whether you are in a shopping centre or a business centre, you frequently find lobbies and entryways that are fully bland. This is such a waste of opportunity since there are so many possibilities for adorning these areas. Moss walls in the lobby or entryway will not just make the space appear cool and interesting, but they will have a pleasantly calming effect on the onlookers. Moss wall art can help you create an absolutely stunning entryway or lobby.
  4. Moss Accent Walls: Whether you have an imperfect or damaged wall that requires masking or you have a dull space that needs to be enhanced, moss accent walls are your way forward. Moss accent walls are capable of hiding flaws as well as sprucing up a bland setting. As one of the easiest ways to impart a serene touch to your space, moss accent walls can add considerable appeal to the space.
  5. Vertical Moss Gardens: If your commercial or office space doesn’t have an enticing view, you can install a vertical garden to create one. Your vertical moss garden may include different varieties of moss – and you can consider complementing it with other types of greenery as well. With functional, awe-inspiring elements that will provide you with serene views year after year, vertical moss gardens will absorb all the anxiousness from the area while calming the ambience.  


Final Words 

Moss wall art is undoubtedly a unique way to bring the benefits of nature to your workplace. Not only does it look great on workplace walls, but it can make any commercial spaces appear artistic and vibrant to the beholder.  

Moss walls can be a valuable addition to commercial offices, showrooms, reception areas, foyers, retail outlets and lift lobbies. And, what more, a moss wall can last many years with little or zero maintenance! This particular feature makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all types and sizes.   

If the ideas above have inspired you to the point that you are now thinking of installing moss wall art in your office or commercial setup, don’t wait! 

Consider contacting Vista Concepts, a reputable moss wall supplier in Australia to grace your interior spaces with your favourite moss wall design. Besides moss walls, we also specialise in living green walls, roof garden systems and artificial garden walls.  

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