Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly With A Vertical Garden Wall

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Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly With A Vertical Garden Wall

Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly With A Vertical Garden Wall

Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly With A Vertical Garden Wall vertical garden

Vertical gardening is the thing of the future. Vertical wall gardens save space and use less water. When extended to full-on farming, some designs claim to save 99% of the water used in flat growing.For the average person, having a vertical garden is not only an attractive selling point for buying a home but a simple way to get more green with limited space.

Construction Options

Construction options for green walls offer many choices for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Vertical garden planters come in modular pieces to place up the wall, like eco walls. These resemble carpeting tiles installed tile-by-tile. Choose professional or DIY-style installation for these modular pieces.

Incorporate trellis designs for growing vines. By sculpting a design of wires across the walls, the vines can slowly grow to cover the space. This adds visual interest for visitors who can mark the progress of the vines.

Linear walls provide shelving out of which plants grow on each level.


Though vertical growing spaces tend to use less water, it is important to make sure your garden is getting enough. When building a modular vertical garden, consider adding an irrigation and drainage system.

A water management system can be automated to ensure you avoid both under- and over-watering the wall. For a space that is meant to be used as part of an aesthetic, keeping it healthy is essential.

Options for Vertical Garden Walls

There are several different options to choose when building a garden wall.

Add an eco wall to your interior spaces. These have become common in public spaces like lift lobbies, hotels, and restaurants.

They can also be used in exterior spaces to extend the greenery of a garden. Create a relaxing oasis in a sea of concrete for yourself or guests.
Wall planters are appropriate for roofs as well. They are the answer to architectural uncertainty for shaping the space on a wide-open roof.

Build Vertical Wall Gardens with Vista Concepts

If you think a vertical garden wall is exactly what you need to solve a space-filling issue, get in touch with Vista Concepts. We are a family-owned business that loves to help our customers green up their environments.

Work with Vista Concepts to install your wall and irrigation system. As a national supplier of living green walls and vertical garden systems, we are prepared to install our products for you.

Install vertical walled gardens with Vista Concepts today. Contact us at 1300 621 787.

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