Living Green Walls With Felt Pockets

Living Green Walls With Felt Pockets

Living Green Walls With Felt Pockets

Living Green Walls With Felt Pockets

Felt pockets are made of PET plastic that is recycled, non-hazardous, inert and pH neutral. Plants are inserted in these pockets through a root wrapper, enabling them to mature in their very own soil and allowing gardeners to replace plants as and when needed. The material in question has microfibers too that allows for uniform watering of the plants as a result of a wicking and capillary flow of water.

A living wall system consisting of felt pockets is generally light and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  And where you have a modular design, different configurations can be tried out as per the size of the space. Where there is sufficient light, ferns and succulents shall serve as appropriate plants and you may even be prompted to try out herbs and vegetables. Often, the felt pockets are connected to a channeled and sturdy back board, enabling air movement behind the system to check mold growth. For an automated setup, it can be paired with a pump mechanism.

A flower show is one place where you are highly likely to spot a living wall with felt pockets sporting some uncommon and exotic species. This thing is no doubt an ingenious way of starting and growing a garden. And the possibilities are endless. Delve a little deeper into this subject and you will learn about living walls fitted with felt pockets that have been in existence for a few decades.

Limited Soil Facilitates Vertical Gardening

Felt pockets can accommodate only a limited amount of soil that actually balances pH and brings microbiology into play. And to prevent the support system from dissolving, using synthetic materials is critical.

Better Alternative Than Planter Boxes or Tiny Compartments

Planters boxes and tiny compartments inhibit root growth and lead to a most common problem i.e. root binding. Plastic is anything but breathable whereas felt pockets easily help resolve root rot issues. As the soil stays put in one place, the whole system appears awfully clean. What’s more, the pleats cause the water to move inward, making the entire arrangement drip-free.

Gigantic Vertical Gardens

A living wall composed of felt pockets gives you the liberty to create as big a vertical garden as you possibly can and utilise the entire space on a blank wall. Once all the plants are installed in the empty spaces, the roots start to grow into the fibers, literally creating a living membrane.

Food-safe PET plastic

PET plastic is 100% safe, which explains why water bottles and milk jugs are made with it. So chances are that the felt pockets that you see next time may have been made of unused water bottles.

An ever-evolving vertical garden

A vertical garden equipped with felt pockets can just go on evolving. Those plants that are posing problems can easily be taken out and fresh growths can make their way into the empty spaces in their place. Caretakers can take note of plants that are growing uninhibitedly and have all the dead foliage replaced with them. But in your bid to minimise failures, you must not refrain from having a diverse collection. See what works and look for their variants.

Meanwhile, Vista Concepts can be your ideal living green wall or vertical garden accessories supplier if you are based in Australia. No matter which city you place your order from, you can expect a free shipment from us and we can even help you with installation.

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