How roof gardens can result in better aesthetics and purer air?

How roof gardens can result in better aesthetics and purer air?

How roof gardens can result in better aesthetics and purer air?


How roof gardens can result in better aesthetics and purer air?

Roof gardens are now becoming more common than before, what with more people warming up to their benefits. Often, you feel the urge to take guests or visitors to a private space where you can impress them with your special initiatives. A rooftop garden can ably address this need of yours. Through proper planning and probably professional assistance as well of roof garden suppliers, you can have a rooftop garden that shall add to the aesthetics of your property and act as an air purifier too. Below, we have expanded on the same:

Better Aesthetics

  • If you want your small rooftop to look bigger and more aesthetic, you can use transparent glass for fencing. One downside though of this approach is that you will have to compromise with your privacy a bit.
  • If your rooftop is quite large, the surrounding view isn’t great, or you want the space atop your building to look as good as a regular garden, growing long vegetation will allow you to maximise greenery and create an oasis of sorts, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. If you do not have much time and resources for maintenance, bamboos and grasses shall serve your purpose or else you can plant shrubs and trees.
  • The attractiveness of a rooftop garden can also be enhanced through diversity. This can be achieved by having both plants as well as containers of different sizes. Another ploy that you can use is growing flowers of different hues i.e. both bright and light ones.
  • You cannot just buy any furniture. You will have to first decide whether you would like to use your rooftop garden as a dining space or a lounge area. Also, your furniture must match the look and feel of your garden.
  • If possible, you can make it a point that your rooftop garden has a focal point, which can be a wall fountain, statue etc.
  • It’s lighting that brings a rooftop garden back to life once it gets dark. Your rooftop garden must be lit smartly. You can go for bright spots and with proper lighting, you will discover that your roof has started to look larger.
  • Using too many colours will be ill-advised. You can select a neutral colour like white or gray and combine it with an attractive shade. This way your rooftop will not look busy and muddled.
  • The vertical space can also be leveraged and not allowed to go waste. You can do so by using wall and railing planters and growing climbers.
  • How can you ignore flooring? The flooring type must suit your budget, the overall climate and the theme that you select for your rooftop garden.


Purer Air

  • A green rooftop decreases air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gas by reducing the need for air conditioning. Foliage tends to get rid of air contaminants as well GHG emissions via dry deposition and storage and seizure of carbon. This results in better human health and greater comfort.
  • The plants comprising a rooftop garden filter harmful gases. The temperature-altering qualities of rooftop gardens put less strain on power plants and cause a drop in the quantity of carbon dioxide as well as other harmful by-products being released in the atmosphere.
  • As per a study, if the conditions are right, the use of green roofs in an urban locality with nearly a million people living in it can remove as much carbon from the atmosphere as will be possible by making 10,000 SUVs go off the road.
  • The use of green roofs in fact can well become the norm in places where the population is quite dense. Smog and other air pollutants stemming from traffic and industrial activities may have an adverse effect on health, causing allergies like congestion and itchy eyes or more serious health conditions like lung or heart disease. Extensive green roof use could considerably enhance air quality, which will mean a considerable development in health as well.



Chances are after learning about the 2 key USPs of a roof garden, you too may want to jump on this latest bandwagon. And the good thing is that you won’t have to try too hard to have your wish fulfilled. We here at Vista Concepts are one of the leading roof garden suppliers in Australia. Visit our website and then contact us and we will try and provide you with a roof garden that ticks off all your boxes. With ample experience in dealing in green roof systems in Australia, we can help you out with installation as well.

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