How Green Walls Are Benefitting Restaurants

How Green Walls Are Benefitting Restaurants Green Walls

How Green Walls Are Benefitting Restaurants

How Green Walls Are Benefitting Restaurants Green Walls

Finding a green wall in a restaurant is no longer a rarity. In fact, it is something that is slowly becoming the order of the day. Installing and maintaining a green wall indoors is by no means an easy task and if a lot of eateries are jumping on this new bandwagon, beautification could not be the sole reason. It is an investment that yields solid returns provided you get everything right.
Café owners are always on the lookout for new ploys to increase their footfalls and boost their profits and below you will learn how living green walls and vertical gardens are benefitting restaurants in multiple ways:

Pleasing Modern Design

Any patron would want that they should visit a restaurant whose interiors are pleasing to the eye. A restaurant with one or more green walls ends up looking high-end and provides visitors with a relaxing ambience. Those who see the pictures of your restaurant with all the greenery shall feel tempted to pay a visit and if everything is indeed set up tastefully, there is every chance that they may come back again.

Cleaner Indoor Air

It is a sad fact but it is actually true that restaurants are not really known for having the cleanest air. As a result of all the smoke and steam and the influx and outflux of a large number of people, the air does not remain healthy for too long. However, on spotting a moss wall, you can assume that the air would be a little cleaner.
Green walls are sometime called breathing walls because they absorb impurities, thereby leaving the air cleaner. It will not be a hyperbole to say that indoor plants have the same effect on their surrounding air as their outdoor counterparts. And cleaner air makes a place more inviting.

Less Noise

This happens in a lot of restaurants and it is extremely annoying to say the least. Often, when there is a sizeable crowd and loud music too, you are not able to converse properly and how you wish there was a way to mitigate the noise. Green walls have emerged as a solution to this problem for they can both reflect and absorb sound.
So if you have a restaurant and you place green walls strategically in different areas, you will really get to enjoy the acoustic benefits, particularly during peak hours.

Bait for New Customers

Living green walls and vertical gardens are now being used by restaurants as a bait to attract new customers. In these difficult times, the desire to dine and eat out in cleaner air is stronger than ever before. So, by having plants and vegetation within their four walls, eating places are luring people to step out of their house and enjoy a meal in a healthy environment.
With green walls around them, diners enjoy a sense of calmness. There is something unbelievably soothing about eating and getting to see plants simultaneously.

Free Marketing

As we said at the beginning of this write-up, for restaurants, green walls are an investment that fetches returns in different ways. So what happens is that often your green wall in your cafe becomes a focal point, prompting customers to take pictures and selfies and post them on social media. This results in free marketing for your business.
And when you get to enjoy this business advantage once, you will be tempted to benefit from it again. So, whenever you start a new outlet and expand your venture, you’ll surely entertain the idea of incorporating green walls in your latest set-up.

Right Signage for Vegetarian Restaurants

Those on the lookout for vegetarian restaurants will be more impressed when they see that the décor of the place where they have come to eat is in keeping with the natural food served by it. And this is precisely the message that green walls convey.
So, if yours is a kind of eatery where one can have gluten-free, vegan, or low-carb meals, the presence of some greenery will definitely help you make a statement and it will probably make a difference too. Vegetarian restaurants need not look very fancy and a combination of simple furniture and one or two green walls could easily do the trick for you.

If your restaurant is based in Australia, you need not worry at all about getting green walls for the same as there quite a few retailers who will be raring to cater to your need. In all probability, you’ll find almost find all of them online too, which means whether you need green wall plants or Realistic Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Plants anywhere in Australia, you just have place your order on the Net from Vista Concepts and if you are luckier, you can get free shipment too. You can also explore products similar to green walls.

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