How companies are making offices more sustainable with vertical garden

How companies are making offices more sustainable with vertical garden vertical garden

How companies are making offices more sustainable with vertical garden

How companies are making offices more sustainable with vertical garden vertical gardenNowadays, living green walls or vertical gardens can be found in the office precincts of many a top company. Beautification isn’t the sole factor that prompts these entities to follow this green measure and engage experts who deal in green walls. A vertical garden today has so many benefits to offer that once you become attuned to its usefulness, you too may become desirous of incorporating it in your workplace.

Below, you will learn how vertical gardens are enabling companies to make their offices more sustainable:

  1. Purify Air

You will obviously be happier if the air within your office every day is fresher and healthier. So instead of purchasing an air purifier, you can rather install one or two vertical gardens that will purify the air in a more natural way.

Vertical gardens are given to transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen. The more oxygen there is in the air, the healthier you are going to feel. Additionally, green walls change VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into a kind of fodder for plants.

  1. Promote Health & Well-Being

Some may dismiss a vertical garden as a mere showpiece but the truth is it actually promotes health and well-being, especially if you are in its vicinity on a day-to-day basis. How dependent mankind is on plants and trees for its survival need not be reiterated. And if this thing is present in a place that sees you spending one-third of your daily life, you are bound to feel more energetic, uplifted and satisfied. So, have a vertical garden supplanted in your place of work and you and your other office members too will be able to enjoy the aforesaid benefits.

  1. Control Temperature    

As we said earlier, a living green wall is nothing less than an asset that yields returns in more ways than one. So, when you have one in your office, it will do its bit to control the temperature. In summers, a vertical garden soaks up and returns light, thereby letting the inside temperature to stay cool and during winters, the same thing prevents heat loss by offering an extra layer of insulation. You will feel like a more responsible citizen when you manage to control heat and cold naturally without incurring extra energy costs.   

  1. Minimize Sound

A living green wall minimizes sound naturally. Noise pollution is a problem that many offices have to grapple with. With people chatting and milling around, often there is a little commotion and to avoid it, one has to escape inside a soundless cabin or a boardroom.

But when you install a vertical garden and a thick one at that, the difference is going to be palpable. It is believed that compared to a normal façade, a living green wall is 40% more effective in reducing noise. As you use one or two, it is possible that you and your colleagues may no longer need to go out to attend a call as the buzz will be subdued.

  1. Offset fire threat

When there is a living green wall in your office, you will have an extra protective layer to counter fire threat. There is a lot of moisture in plants, which can come in handy in diffusing fire or stopping it from turning into a major conflagration.

  1. Importance of Moss Walls

If you choose a moss wall as your vertical garden, you probably won’t lament your decision reason being after harvesting and conservation, moss becomes a better air purifier. Moss walls work round the clock, filtering CO2 and other pollutants and transforming them into biomass that moss consumes itself to keep itself healthy. To counter sick building syndrome in particular, companies can earnestly think of using a moss wall.

Moss walls are good at controlling humidity too and can help prevent skin drying, itching and wrinkles. And because they absorb dust as well, they prove to be beneficial to those suffering from asthma or any other type of allergy.


So, you see how living green walls are proving to be nothing less than a boon for offices and it’s high time you also installed one in your setup. Finding an Australia-wide Living Green Walls & Vertical Garden Suppliers should not be difficult at all. An established merchant like Vista Concepts dealing in vertical gardening systems in Australia will probably provide you with other similar items too such as roof gardens, grass pavers, artificial garden walls, trellis garden wall systems  etc. and exempt you from paying any shipment charges.

As you come across a reputed vendor post an online search, you can explore their portfolio and gallery and learn about their previous projects. If you are impressed with what you see, you can order the thing you like.

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