Green Walls Making Real Difference to Commercial Ventures

green walls

Green Walls Making Real Difference to Commercial Ventures

green walls


Green wall and vertical garden have literally become a buzzword nowadays. Green walls are becoming increasingly popular and are finding more and more takers with the passage of each day. Be a little more observant when you go out next time and you will see that the use of green walls systems in Australia has increased manifold. And the benefits they offer have been harped on endlessly and done to death.

So today we decided that we will familiarise our readers with the hitherto unknown reasons that make us see green walls at office reception, eateries, retail outlets, rooftops, patios and commercial parking areas. As you get the insights, you will discover how green walls are making a real difference to commercial ventures nowadays:


Place of Work


It is common knowledge that a green wall makes a workplace look cleaner, healthier and unique. But what many fail to infer is that it gives a soft touch to an impersonal and rigid place. Besides, horizontal places have always been pricey and scarce. So, the focus shifts to the blank vertical walls and if converting one of them into a green wall is feasible, many go ahead and get the change done. A company that is keen on getting prized certifications such as LEED and others for their physical infrastructure can make a conscious effort to this end by leveraging green walls. And commercial constructions who their owners plan to rent out end up winning brownie points with prospective tenants when they have green walls installed in them.


Restaurants and Bars   


Gone are the days when people visited an eatery simply for the food and beverages that it served. Today, post the advent of social media and Instagram in particular, the environs of a restaurant or bar also matters a lot. Many who wish to eat or drink out have an Insta-worthy place on their minds. Green walls ably fulfil this need and have emerged as a viable and affordable interior decoration means for the owners of cafes and pubs.

And when you think of green walls, you do not always have to visualise blackboard-size installations. Even in small and seemingly impossible places, a dash of greenery can be added easily and it will still perform all the functions that is expected of a green wall.


Retail Outlets


Online shopping has really thrown life out of gear for retail store owners who now have to come up with new ploys to draw buyers. It is now a given that people do not spend as much time in malls and showrooms as they used to. You have to offer them something out of the ordinary, which is precisely what happens when green walls are used.

Making customers shell out their hard-earned money isn’t easy but when you create an environment wherein they really feel tempted to purchase a thing or two, you come to the conclusion that bringing some greenery and foliage inside your store does make a difference. Green walls today are enabling those running a physical store to cater to their patrons in a relaxed and stress-free ambience.


Rooftop & Patio  


Many commercial complexes have patios, rooftops and wooden decks and these are spaces that need to be utilised wisely. Many prefer to spend time in the open and when you have an elegantly designed, covered patio where you can entertain your special guests, supplementing it with a green wall can be a really smart move. The same holds true for rooftops and decks where spending time after sundown is a pleasure. When there is greenery just in the right measure, the artificial set-up will turn a little natural and offer more relaxation to those who visit that place.  And when illumined, green walls sport a look and emit an aura, which is unmatched.


Commercial Parking


Ever visited a commercial parking space like the one at an airport? Chances are you might have seen green plants and foliage hanging and jutting out of railings and balconies. Again, you will be badly mistaken if you assume it is just for show. The green walls that you see in a parking lot could play its part in keeping your automobile cool as you park it in its vicinity.

Graffiti lovers may probably refrain from expressing themselves on plants and leaves and in a parking space where the honking of horns is common, green walls probably minimise noise as well, not to forget their most crucial role i.e. acting as an air filter and absorbing pollutants.

If your business is based in Australia and you are on the lookout for Experts in Living Green Walls who can fulfil your need for a green wall system, you just need to contact Vista Concepts. Where green walls in Australia are concerned, we are somebody who you count on for we have expertise and experience in ample measure and supply shipments to clients all over the country. Whether you need moss walls, grass pavers, artificial green walls etc., we will provide you with what you want.

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