Green Walls – Antidote to Sick Building Syndrome

Green Walls - Antidote to Sick Building Syndrome green walls

Green Walls – Antidote to Sick Building Syndrome

Green Walls - Antidote to Sick Building Syndrome green walls

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome can be described as the health problems encountered by the occupants of a building that has a correlation with the time spent inside the building. The common symptoms of this malaise include headache, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, throat irritation, itching etc. that definitely mar productivity.

Interestingly, these symptoms disappear once you come out in fresh air, underlining the need to tackle their cause wherefrom it originates. True to its name, sick building syndrome causes employees to feel sick and stressed, prompting them to take more offs.

Chief Causes of Sick Building Syndrome

  • Improper ventilation

When the ventilation of a building is faulty and does not allow air to circulate properly, it can result in lethargy and listlessness.

  • Toxins stemming from indoors

Many do not know that furniture, adhesives and equipment like printers and copy machines release harmful toxins and cause the air floating within the enclosed space to become polluted.

  • Biological contaminants

What biological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and mold can do the human body is common knowledge. With cleaning being done every day, you may feel that their growth is inhibited. However, these often breed in places that are out of sight like ducts and underneath tiles.

How Green Walls Help


  • Purify air

Green Walls Living Plant Systems act as a perfect antidote to sick building syndrome and are nothing less than a phenomenon. In just 24 hours, they can rid indoor air of up to 87% of its toxins. In addition to metabolising the toxins, vertical gardens produce oxygen much faster than indoor plants.

As oxygen levels rise in the air, you will automatically feel healthier. Besides, a living green wall even converts VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into something that plants tend to eat.

  • Promote health & well-being

When your everyday life is spent in the vicinity of plants and leaves, it makes you more vigorous and lifts your mood. A living green wall can do wonders to the mental health of those suffering from sick building syndrome and enable them to remain fresh and cheerful longer.

  • Temperature control

During summer, a green wall reflects as well as absorbs sunlight, thus keeping the indoor atmosphere cooler and in winters, it minimises energy loss by offering an additional level of insulation. This way your indoors feel warmer. It will give you great pleasure when you find relief from both heat and cold naturally without any extra energy costs.

  • Significance of Moss Walls

If you opt for a moss wall as your green wall, chances are you won’t regret your decision. That’s because post harvesting and preservation, moss becomes really good at purifying air. Moss walls work 24 hours, filtering carbon dioxide as well as other contaminants and converting them into biomass, which moss uses itself for keeping itself healthy. To tackle sick building syndrome, businesses can sincerely contemplate installing a moss wall.

Moss walls keep humidity in check, thereby preventing the skin from drying and ensuring less itching and fewer wrinkle. And as they suck up dust too, they benefit those who suffering from any kind of allergy or asthma.


So now you will probably understand why green walls are finding so many takers amongst commercial establishments for in addition to being pleasing to the eye, they serve some very vital health purposes too. And if you have become all eager to give this new age phenomenon a try and have it installed in your office, you need not visit any physical shop as you can easily place your order online.

Vista Concepts is one of the top dealers of Green Wall Systems in Australia that sends supplies all across the country without any shipment charges. In addition to living green walls, we also offer other similar things like roof gardens, artificial garden walls, grass pavers and more to our clientele. So if you have been looking for a Green Wall provider in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or other cities in Australia, you simply have to contact us. Whatever you want, be rest assured you will get it from us.

We suggest that you first explore our site and become more informed about green walls and our offerings. The extensive data and images that we have will probably make you all the more curious to jump on this latest bandwagon.

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