Grass Paving : A Totally Green Option Compared To Conventional Outdoor Structures

Grass Paving : A Totally Green Option Compared To Conventional Outdoor Structures Grass Paving

Grass Paving : A Totally Green Option Compared To Conventional Outdoor Structures

Demonstrating the real meaning of eco-friendliness, grass paving is becoming increasingly popular as a totally green alternative for parking construction. There is no denying the fact that as grass is used like a surface material atop permeable pavement structures, it gives an outdoor space an exceptionally natural look & feel.

For long, parking lots were constructed by using usual substances like asphalt and concrete that required one to spend time, effort and funds in ample measure. Because asphalt and concrete are impervious, they call for the utilisation of a suitable drainage system as well that can allow rainwater to run down into storm drains.

Fortunately, there is now a better alternative in the form of permeable pavers requiring little groundwork and eliminating the need for a storm water management system for rain water can seep through the finished layer and get absorbed by the ground beneath. This automatically causes a reduction in construction and maintenance costs.

Below, we have explained how grass paving, something that Vista Concepts, a renowned supplier of Grass Block Pavers in Australia, deals in readily, serves as a totally green option compared to conventional outdoor structures:

Traditional Parking Lots vs Permeable Pavers

No Need for Drainage System

When you settle on getting a parking lot constructed with concrete or asphalt, the installation of a storm water management system will become mandatory that will subsequently have to be joined to a municipal waste water system. Moreover, it will involve plumbing and the inclusion of storm drains as well as a retention pond. There are laws for getting rid of the water used in a parking area that carries dangerous pollutants such as petroleum products.

Permeable pavers help ward off the threat of flooding and the ground below them works like a natural strain for the contaminants. Ultimately, the water that enters the underground reservoirs is much cleaner and the impurities that are blocked can be removed easily by just disposing of the subsurface matter.  

Lower Finishing Costs

Asphalt or concrete surfaces need to sealed to reduce the absorption of water and the lane markings and parking demarcation that you see on them are all painted. All this causes the finishing and maintenance costs to increase as it becomes tougher to make changes to the parking lot layout.

In the case of permeable pavers, once you compact the fill material, you do not have to do anything else. For markings and more, little painted caps are all that you will need that can be put in, taken out and repositioned easily.

Reduced Maintenance Charges

In normal parking lots, fissures and depression are bound to form as time passes by. These must be filled and the resealing of the surface too should happen periodically. And if the storm water management system is not cleaned from time to time, it can become congested. The used-up parts too warrant timely replacement.      

Where permeable pavers are concerned, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of a drainage system for this thing will be non-existent. Compared to a concrete surface, the installation charges will be half and the maintenance costs even lower.

Assessing the Ecological Effect of Grass Paving vs. Conventional Ways

We’ll discuss the major and universal benefits of selecting grass pavers for industrial and commercial outdoor construction.

Solid paving surfaces are seen as one of the major sources of environmental threats, causing problems in urban places in particular where their presence is stronger. Accountable for countless eco hazards including groundwater pollution and overflowing of sewage, conventional, impermeable surfaces are being considered as a prime construction concern.

Meanwhile, if you look at the big picture, you will realise that grass pavers help increase land utilisation, prevent the formation of heat islands and the emission of greenhouse gases and save trees by offering them the root zones they require to grow.

As mentioned before, Vista Concepts, an established Grass Paver Supplier in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities, can help you immensely in putting a permeable paver to use for the construction of your parking lot. Your shipment in all probability shall reach you free of cost. So, why wait? Give us the opportunity to help you out and we will ensure your requirement is fulfilled to a nicety. On a closing note, in addition to pavers, we deal in other similar products as well such as moss wall, trellis wall, vertical garden etc.

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