Going Natural With Moss Walls In Office Areas

Moss Walls

Going Natural With Moss Walls In Office Areas

Going Natural With Moss Walls In Office Areas moss walls

Moss walls are modern art pieces that you can install outside or inside to enjoy some greenery, which is so essential in today’s times. They let you avail the benefits that you go seeking in nature, are an ideal choice for office décor and do not require much upkeep for they aren’t even watered.

Fillip To Interior Designing

If interior designing ever required a boost, it received that from moss walls that give you the option to revive the interiors of your office space naturally. One major USP of moss walls is that your interior design can be anything but they will still blend in naturally. A moss wall allows you to transform a dull segment or a general passageway into an orderly green spot.

An office space generally has plenty of artificial and synthetic objects, which makes the absence of nature palpable. Interior designing has long found nature as a source for inspiration and decorative moss walls in particular hog plenty of attention. Moss wall art pieces can comfortably make their way in an interior where accommodating a living wall is out of the question.

The colour variants of moss are natural and have depth and energy. Some interior designers use various colors to produce a powerful visual impact via divergent patterns. When used in vertical structures, moss ends up forming an appealing wall. Designers use their imagination to create the right designs. So, you can either have one solid moss wall or moss used in select areas.

Meanwhile, offices are availing the following benefits by going natural with moss walls:

Clean Air

Post harvest and preservation, moss becomes adept in cleaning air. Moss walls never stop working, filtering carbon dioxide and other contaminants and changing all these into biomass that moss consumes itself. For improving the indoor air quality of your office, you can give moss wall installation a serious thought.

Advantageous for Body and Mind

It is a fact that a green environment allows both the body and the mind to function better. Moss walls are said to stimulate creativeness, efficiency and mental health. They even bring stress levels down and improve focus.

Moss walls have a salutary effect on the human body. Because they control humidity, they help keep heath issues such as skin drying, wrinkles and itching at bay. And by absorbing dust, they benefit those who have any kind of allergy.

Absorb Sound

When positioned purposefully, moss walls absorb sound, thereby lowering noise. Solid and springy ones are considered to be excellent sound insulators. Install some in your office and they will offer you relief from all the clatter happening outside.

Other Specialties

  • Moss walls offer great relief to the eyes, especially to employees who have to spend hours staring at their computer screen.
  • Moss walls do not need soil or substrate and as opposed to living walls, they can even prosper in shady places.
  • With a little attention, moss walls can remain healthy and alive for a longer period of time. The thing that matters most is humidity. Because moss walls rely on humidity, you have to make sure there are no heaters around and if they become dry, a humidifier is what you have to use.
  • Moss sops up extra moisture, thereby steadying indoor humidity. On the other hand, it can also release moisture in a space that has gone too dry, thus maintaining ideal humidity levels. To experience this first hand, you can use a moss wall in a humid season.
  • Feeling the texture of a wall was seldom an option. But you can do so in the case of moss walls that drastically alter the ambience of an office.
  • The very colour of moss walls is such that it satisfies and relaxes the human eye, calms the soul by offering a connection with nature and is both inspiring and freshening.
  • For especially tackling sick building syndrome, companies can seriously consider using a moss wall.
  • Another factor that works in favour of moss walls is that they aren’t heavy.


So the crux of the matter is moss walls provide numerous health benefits, protect a place from the havoc wrecked by humidity and can turn into a focal point. For a moss wall supplier in Australia, you just need to contact Vista Concepts if you feel the urge to tap into the usefulness of a moss wall and we will ably address your need. We have built a real reputation for ourselves when it comes to moss wall art in Australia and can send readily supply a moss wall to a buyer no matter they place their order from. Besides moss walls, Vista Concepts specialises in similar products such as artificial garden walls, roof gardens etc.


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