Complete Guide to Moss Walls

Complete Guide to Moss Walls Moss Walls

Complete Guide to Moss Walls

Complete Guide to Moss Walls Moss Walls

Moss walls are contemporary works of art, which you can install indoors or outdoors to enjoy some much-needed greenery in today’s times. They offer the benefits that one avails while spending time in nature, are by no means a bad choice for home décor and hardly require any maintenance.

Know What a Moss Wall Is

A moss wall is a decorative wall comprising real moss pasted to a wall. Most installations have real moss in them that has already been preserved. Preservation is critical to extending the lifespan of a moss wall and reducing maintenance needs.

After being harvested, moss is first cleaned and then its preservation is done with the help of a natural, non-toxic resin like vegetable glycerin. The dyeing of moss isn’t uncommon as well.

Moss walls can convert a concrete walkway or a dark side yard into a neat green space. When you hear about interior plantscaping, you’ll probably hear about the use of moss walls too.

Moss walls can be a cure for your eyes if you spend too much time in front of your computer screen. And moss walls are unlike other indoor plants such as ferns and succulents that require maintenance whereas moss walls don’t even have to be watered and they have nothing to do with dust as moss does not grow but is rather preserved.

Cost and Maintenance of Moss Walls

Moss walls are surrounded by frames and the frame of a moss wall determines its overall cost. You will see that the frames are made of metal or wood that will be painted, coated or stained.

As mentioned before, a moss wall hardly requires any maintenance and its installation proves to be 40% cheaper compared to a living green wall. Moss walls are lightweight too.

Moss walls need no soil or substrate and can thrive in shady areas unlike living walls. You won’t have to think much before installing them indoors or in the northern part of your house.

While moss walls do not need much care, a little bit of attention can allow them to stay healthy and vibrant longer. The most important factor that you need to consider is humidity. As moss walls are reliant on humidity, there should be no heaters around them and if they start turning dry, you can use a humidifier.

Every six months, you can just take a look at your moss wall to see whether anything has come off and dusting can be done through compressed air. For the sake of longevity, you can put a new coat of a non-hazardous preservative on your moss wall once a year.

Benefits of Moss Walls

Moss walls aren’t just a showpiece. They serve other purposes as well like purifying air, boosting mental and physical health, reducing noise and lowering energy consumption.

  • Purify Air

After being harvested and preserved, moss does a good job at purifying air. Moss walls work all round the clock, filtering CO2 and other pollutants present in the air and converting all of these into biomass that moss uses to keep itself healthy.  To improve indoor air quality, you can seriously consider installing a moss wall inside your house.

  • Control Humidity

While some amount of humidity is necessary, too much of it can be harmful. A really humid environment becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and bacteria can start to grow on your clothing and furnishings, jeopardise your home’s structure, cause mold growth and create a musty odour.

Moss also absorbs excessive moisture, thereby stabilizing indoor humidity. Conversely, it can release moisture as well in a room that has become too dry, thereby helping maintain optimal humidity levels. You can try using a moss wall during a humid season and see how it works.

  • Beneficial for Mind and Body

It is a given that spending time in green surroundings is beneficial for both the mind and the body. And moss walls are known to boost creativity, productivity and mental wellness. They even lower stress and improve one’s attention.

Our bodies too stand to gain from the presence of a moss wall. Because moss walls control humidity, they prevent our skin from drying, thereby causing fewer wrinkles and less itching. And because they also absorb dust, they end up benefitting those suffering from allergies and asthma.

  • Absorb Sound

When placed strategically, moss walls can absorb sound and reduce noise. Those that are dense and spongy are known to be outstanding sound insulators. Install them inside your house and you may find respite from all the commotion taking place outside.

  • Natural Insulator

Moss is an equally good insulator too and if your moss wall is installed in the western corner of your house, it will absorb the heat of the scorching afternoon sun and create a cooler ambience.


So you see that moss walls offer innumerable health benefits, save your house from the ravages of humidity and can become a striking focal point. For a moss wall supplier in Australia and Brisbane, you have to look nowhere else other than Vista Concepts if you are faced with the need to use a moss wall and we will  fulfill your requirement to a nicety. We are an established name as far as moss wall art in Australia is concerned and readily furnish buyers with moss walls in Sydney and with moss walls in Melbourne. In addition to moss walls, Vista Concepts deals in other similar items too like roof gardens, artificial garden walls etc.

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