A Brief Guide to Living Green Wall Maintenance

living green wall

A Brief Guide to Living Green Wall Maintenance

A Brief Guide to Living Green Wall Maintenance

living green wall

Do you want to bring more nature into your workplace but don’t have space for a bunch of pots everywhere?

This is exactly the issue a living green wall can solve. Instead of having a bunch of greenery clutter your space, you can grow it on your wall!

Keep reading to learn what it will take and what you’ll need to do.

Daily Care

Before committing to your living green wall, you want to consider the daily needs it will have. Some will have fewer than others, and you want to make sure your routine can accommodate it and everything it needs.

How often will it need to be watered? Are you able to take the time to search for any brown spots or wilting? Can you keep the soil moisture where it needs to be?

Over time, you will learn your own tips and tricks. But in the beginning, schedule in more time than you think you’ll need for daily care.

Be Detailed When Picking Maintenance Staff

While you can take care of daily maintenance, you may want to hire out for things like cyclic maintenance.

These will be things like when it’s time to fertilize or changing the water in your tank.

If you go with maintenance staff, you can schedule with them out in advance. But be sure to be as detailed as you can be about your living wall. They will need to know if they reach everywhere on your plant and exactly what care it will need. This way, neither of you will have any surprises.

Pests and Warning Signs

A pest infestation can spread diseases to your living wall and cause parts of it to die. So, pest control is vital for your living green wall.

Luckily, there are several options for keeping the pest under control. You can spray your living wall with oils and biodegradable detergent. And you can do manual removal by brushing out your living wall with soap.

You might even want to consider letting some insects like spiders or ladybugs stay to eat the others.

Also, you’ll want to be well versed in the warning signs for your living wall’s health as a whole.

Signs of overwatering are wilting leaves with wet soil and yellowing or discolouration. Also, look for water spots and mushy stems. Mould could also start to grow, and the soil will eventually start to smell.

Signs of underwatering will be things like slow growth, dry leaves and crisp stems. If your living green wall isn’t getting enough light, it will grow toward the direction of it. Look out for leaves curling upward, or falling off. Whereas, if it’s getting too much light, it will fade in colour and begin to wilt.

Know the warning signs for your plant, and keep a daily eye for any of them.

Anyone Can Have A Living Green Wall

It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Having a living green wall is good for your environment, so if you help take care of it, it will help take care of you!

Contact us at Vista Concepts to install your living green wall today!

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