7 Unexpected Benefits of Moss Walls

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7 Unexpected Benefits of Moss Walls

7 Unexpected Benefits of Moss Walls

7 Unexpected Benefits of Moss Walls moss walls

Planning to boost your interior decorating?

Wall art is a common strategy to make a plain wall into something special. However, if you’re looking for something more substantial, consider Moss walls. Moss walls are a great way to add some life to your home or office space.

One of the greatest benefits of Moss walls is that they are versatile. You can fit a Moss wall into your current interior design, whether it’s modern or rustic. Planning to add a moss wall to your workspace?

Moss walls can benefit you and your workers in so many more ways. Here are some benefits of having a living green wall or a moss wall.

1. Better Air Quality

Moss walls are great for combating air pollution, especially in industrial areas. In 2012, the WHO reported 4 million deaths related to air pollution. Some of these include lung cancer, strokes, and even some forms of heart disease.

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your office, don’t stop with potted plants. Moss walls can absorb the pollutants present in air and rain. This allows the bacteria to grow into the moss’s biomass instead of polluting the air.


Noise is a huge factor in workplace distractions. Moss walls allow you to make peaceful working environments. It dampens high-frequency sounds and ambient noises that can distract workers.


Another great benefit of moss walls is that they can help you achieve healthier skin. Dry air can make your skin feel irritated. Not only do you get healthier skin, but it prevents wrinkles and allows your wounds to heal faster.

2. Boost Productivity

Psychology studies state that houseplants and moss walls can boost your productivity. Houseplants and moss walls offer a more natural setting. Spending time in this kind of setting can slow your heart rate and reduce high blood pressure.

These stress-reducing effects help in boosting productivity. Because plants help you feel more relaxed, you can better concentrate on your work.


Humidity can make us more susceptible to viruses like influenza. If you’re prone to getting sick in humid areas, a living plant wall will greatly help you. Living Plants stabilize moisture in the area and maintains relative humidity levels.


Living walls can help you keep your home or workplace at a comfortable temperature. They evaporate water into the air during the summer to keep the space cool. At the same time, it can insulate rooms during winter.


7. Easy Maintenance

Moss walls are a great investment that requires only little maintenance. This is ideal for a busy household or workplace. If you don’t want living walls, preserved moss walls are a great alternative.

These walls stay intact with chemical treatments like paraffin or glycerin. However, it may not clean the air like living walls.

Enjoy the Benefits of Moss Walls Today

Here are some of the benefits of Moss walls as a maintenance-free product. Though preserved moss may not clean the air like living green walls, it can still boost your mood and reduce noise.

Planning to get an Interior Green Wall or a Moss Wall? That’s where we come in. Contact us to get your wall today!

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