5 Ways Permeable Pavers Make Parking Lot Construction Cheaper

5 Ways Permeable Pavers Make Parking Lot Construction Cheaper permeable pavers

5 Ways Permeable Pavers Make Parking Lot Construction Cheaper

5 Ways Permeable Pavers Make Parking Lot Construction Cheaper  

Parking lots have long been constructed by using traditional materials such as concrete and asphalt, requiring a good amount of time, effort and resources. Concrete and asphalt being impermeable necessitate the use of a proper drainage system also that can let rainwater flow into storm drains. 

Luckily, a much-needed change has taken place on this front and now you have permeable pavers involving little preparation and no requirement of a storm water management system, reason being rain water can permeate the finished surface and get absorbed in the ground underneath. This automatically lowers both construction as well as maintenance costs.  

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Below, we have shed more light on how permeable pavers, which you can easily procure from Vista Concepts, a leading supplier of Grass & Turf Pavers in Australia, make parking lot construction cheaper: 

1. Reduced Site Preparation

Permeable pavers require less site preparation in comparison to concrete and asphalt. While you will be required to remove vegetation, work on grading and install a base material and compact it so that it supports the required load, not having to install a drainage system and carefully crown the parking lot are some of the hassles that you will be spared.   

The installation of permeable pavers happens over a plain layer consisting of angular rock that has been compacted, pulverised granite or reused road materials. Besides, the need for an additional drainage system or detention pond is almost eliminated. All this results in reduced site preparation and lower labour and installation costs.    

2. No Requirement of Drainage System  

When you decide to get a parking lot built with asphalt or concrete, you will be mandatorily required to have a storm water management system installed as well that is often connected to a municipal waste water system and involves plumbing and the use of storm drains and a retention pond. There are regulations for safely disposing of water running down a parking lot that carries harmful contaminants like petroleum products.     

Permeable pavers meanwhile are porous, thereby eliminating the need for a drainage system. As excess water permeates the upper surface and makes it way to the ground below, the risk of flooding is addressed and the ground ends up acting as a natural filter for the pollutants. Eventually, only clean water returns to the underground reservoirs and the pollutants that are trapped can be removed without much difficulty by simply getting rid of the subsurface materials.    

3. Less Taxing and Time-Consuming  

In the case of parking lots made of asphalt or concrete, more labour and specialty equipment are needed and compared to a permeable paver system, they are costlier too. Permeable pavers involve the use of large size grids that cover a sizeable area and can be carried by even one person. Ultimately, you get a durable surface that requires little or no maintenance.  

Even when it comes to the installation of the filling material, it can be done through the same heavy equipment that is used for preparing the base material. Nothing will happen when you carefully drive heavy equipment over empty pavers to spread the filling material and compact it. 

4. Lower Finishing Charges 

Surfaces made of asphalt or concrete have to be sealed to lessen water absorption and parking delineation, lane markings etc. are all painted. All this adds to both the finishing as well as the maintenance charges for it becomes harder to tinker with the layout of the parking lot.  

Where permeable pavers are concerned, nothing more needs to be done after the fill material is compacted. For markings and all, small colored caps suffice that can easily be inserted, removed and repositioned. These caps are available in different colors and they can be put to use for creating lines, arrows, letters, complex shapes etc.    

5.  Little Maintenance Expenditure 

In traditional parking lots, cracks and pot holes form with the passage of time that need to be filled and the surface too has to be resealed from time to time. We have already discussed about markings and caps but not about storm water management system, which if not cleaned periodically, can get clogged. Also, the worn-out parts must be replaced timely.    

Since there is no drainage system in the case of permeable pavers, you do not have to fret over the maintenance of this thing. And while the installation cost will be half of what a concrete surface will cost you, the maintenance expenditure will be even lower.   

As mentioned earlier, Vista Concepts, a renowned Grass Paver Supplier in Australia, can greatly assist you in using a permeable paver for your parking lot. Whether your requirement comes from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you can expect to have your shipment sent to you free of cost. So, hurry up. Give us a chance to help you with something worthwhile and we will see you get precisely what you want. Lastly, besides pavers, we offer other similar things too like vertical garden, moss wall, trellis wall etc. 




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