4 Surprising Benefits of Adding Living Green Walls to Your Business Decor

Living Green Walls

4 Surprising Benefits of Adding Living Green Walls to Your Business Decor

Living Green Walls

4 Surprising Benefits of Adding Living Green Walls to Your Business Decor

Humans have possessed a biologically innate desire connected to nature for thousands of years. In spite of this, many of us go to work in office spaces that often lack any kind of greenery or connection to the outside world. One way to get that piece of the outdoors inside is by adding a green wall.

Outside of the potential environmental benefits, adding garden walls with many types of plants can add something new and exciting to your office space.

So what are some benefits of living green walls? Read on to see four of them, which will help you make that decision.

1. Reduces Employees’ Stress

Studies around the world have touted the presence of plants in the office as the reason why office workers get reduced stress and symptoms of tension, anxiety, depression, hostility, and fatigue.

It also works in line with colour psychology. The colour green in colour psychology lets people become calm and relaxed — which should be the goal of any place people want to work in for a long time.

2. Productivity Will Increase

One study noted that employees were could increase task completion speeds by 12% and feel more attentive during the workday when plants were present in the office. This is because of the psychological engagement that a plant provides when someone looks at one.

Along with increased productivity, it can also inspire your employees to get more creative ideas, which can definitely help your business reach more of your target clientele.

3. Makes the Office Space More Attractive

Many employees, when looking for a job long-term do not want to work in a space that is devoid of any personality. Creating a space with living green walls will make the workplace happier and more welcoming to any employee or client walking in.

It’s easy to install even a smaller version of one, though you can choose for later in time. When choosing an office, employers can think about installing a living vertical garden as part of its architectural plan.

4. Decreases Indoor Noise

No one likes working in an office space that is noisy and full of sounds of typing or machines whirling. In fact, many people lose as much as 86 minutes per day of productivity because of this issue.

Adding plants or a plant wall inside will actually help reduce the noise around the office by absorbing some of it rather than insulating it. Your office will sound more comforting and less anxiety-inducing than before.

Add Living Green Walls as Part of Your Business Environment

No one likes being in an office that feels cold and stale. When you add living green walls to your office, it will make the workspace feel more inviting, along with adding a pop of colour to otherwise white walls. At the end of the day, having living garden walls can benefit both you, the employer, and your employees.

A living vertical garden will add plentiful benefits to any space you desire. If you want to find the best living vertical garden to install for your business office, contact us today.

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