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Vista Concepts is a leading Australian supplier of Living Green Walls, Roof Garden Systems, Moss Wall and Artificial Garden Walls.
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Welcome to Vista Concepts. We are an Australian Family Owned Company offering Living Green Walls, Moss Walls and Artificial Garden Walls to Architects, Interior Fit-out Industry and the Commercial Construction Industry Australia Wide.

View our Portfolio of projects in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. New projects are being added each month.

For residential customers, we have set up an Online Shop so DIY products can be conveniently purchased directly from the importer. Free Delivery Australia Wide.

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Home vertical garden system

What We Do – How We Do It?

Vista Concepts is an Australian Supplier of Green Living Walls, Roof Gardens Systems, Moss Wall, Green Wall and Artificial Green Walls.

Vista Concepts also supplies Turf Pavers, Drain Cells and Modular Tanks for underground water systems.

Vista Concepts utilises Sustainable building materials.. Get in touch for a friendly chat.

Who We Service & Locations?

Living Plant Walls are used commercially in Shopping malls, Airports, City Buildings, Public buildings such as museums, government offices, Apartments (low, medium and high rise towers), Hotels & Foyers. Vista Concepts services the whole of Australia so get in touch for a proposal today.

Home vertical garden system

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How do you maintain a green wall?

The best time to develop a plan for maintaining a green wall is during the design process. You will have to think about how to keep the wall alive and well, as well as risk management measures to prevent accidents and property damage when maintenance is being done.  

How long does moss wall last?

A conserved Moss Wall lasts many years with little or no maintenance. The type of moss utilized, the ambient moisture of the surroundings, and whether the installation is out of human reach- are all the factors that affect the longevity of the wall. 

How do you keep moss walls alive?

Many individuals are unsure how to properly care for an indoor living wall, particularly when it comes to watering. Water is not required for preserved moss because its condition makes it maintenance-free. It will continue to thrive on its own, with little to no work on your part. All you have to do now is hang it up and see how beautiful it looks! 

Are vertical gardens effective?

Vertical gardens minimise a building’s carbon footprint by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air, which benefits individuals who live nearby as the air quality improves and are effective in combating pollution. 

What is the purpose of rooftop gardens?

A roof garden is a garden on a building’s roof. Roof plantings may provide food, temperature regulation, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, wildlife habitats or corridors, recreational activities, and even ecological benefits on a large scale.  

How is a rooftop garden sustainable?

Rooftop gardens are a green way to cut down on energy consumption. Green roofs provide natural insulation while also improving air quality and lowering pollution levels, and are a great sustainable option.  

What are the critical elements of rooftop gardens?

The waterproofing application and the garden assembly are two crucial phases of rooftop garden building. The right design and installation of each of these applications are critical to the ultimate success of a rooftop garden.  

How do you attach an artificial trellis to the walls?

To fit your artificial trellis or wall, fence, or structure, order the necessary quantity and dimension of hedge panels or vertical gardens. Panels should be connected and should be stapled, tied, screwed, or adhered to the fence or wall to ensure that they are properly attached.  

What are "artificial green walls"?

A vertical garden made up of interconnecting panels of fake plants is known as an “artificial green wall.” Artificial green walls of high quality are lifelike, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. On the other hand, lower-grade alternatives can appear too shiny and synthetic.  


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