Artificial plants wall for external wall landscaping

Artificial plants wall for external wall landscaping

To build up better and nicer living environment, people try many different ways to beautify residential buildings, and external wall is the most frequently renovated place, then are there any new method to landscape external wall? As we all know it, wall paintings are the most popular method used for external wall landscaping, but there is a problem for this, that is, wall paintings are hard to be removed or changed once it was done. To make things easier, artificial plants wall starts to be used for wall landscaping, very nice and efficient for external wall renovation.

Artificial plants wall for external wall landscaping

For external wall landscaping, artificial plants wall differs in design according to detailed requirement, size is neither a problem. For any subjects or theme design purpose, artificial plants wall can help to realize and express. Besides its free design, artificial plants wall has the following advantages,  
1. Artificial plants wall is easy to install. These can be easily attached to any kinds of surface, and can be removed easily for another wall design. 
2. Artificial plants wall has nearly the same appearance as living plants, it is very nice and impressive. 
3. Zero upkeep. No watering, no fertilizer, no prunning to keep its nice appearance.  
4. Artificial plants wall includes UV resistant agent to prevent fading, so artificial plants wall can keep its original color for a very long time.
5. Fire resistant. this feature makes artificial plants wall safe and reliable for use.
6. Do not attract mosquitoes and other insects.

If you are a designer for residential areas renovation and building as well as building landscaping, give artificial plants wall a try. You can even tell us your project purpose or theme, we can provide a design solution to you. 

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