Linear Walls

Linear Walls

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Linear walls supplier australia

Features of Linear Garden Walls

Linear is the most sustainable vertical garden system

  1. The effect is available immediately after installation.
  2. Ground-cover varieties can also be grown.
  3. No accumulation of dirt or dry branches or leaves get accumulated.
  4. Looks attractive from all sides.
  5. Easy irrigation & drain.
  6. Wide plants palette.
  7. Simple but versatile
  8. Gives greenery on both the sides
  9. Allows the air & light to pass through
  10. Unique irrigation System
  11. The planted modules are independent of irrigation & drain system
  12. Every planted module can be removed as and when required without disturbing adjacent vegetation
  13. The same system is used for the Green Pergola system
  14. Irrigation is by simple gravity & does not require potable water as there are no parts which might get clogged due to salts or solid particles

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